Celebrate Your Dog in a Photo Christmas Ornament

Photo-Dog-Christmas-OrnamenIf a beloved dog is part of your life, celebrate with a photo Christmas tree ornament. Whether this is your puppy’s first Christmas, one of many your dog has shared with you, or a remembrance of your beloved pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge, a personalized photo ornament for the tree is ideal.

Beloved Dogs and Plenty of Photos

Those of us who love our pets, take plenty of pictures of them. Some turn out to be those beautiful portrait style photos, while others capture the funny or comical moments in our dog’s lives. Of course, there are those treasured photos where the baby, or even a kitten, fell asleep curled up with our wonderful dog.

Any, or all, of these photos make great ways to celebrate our dog’s life in a photo ornament. If you have a great picture already, you may be looking for a wonderful way to showcase it. If you don’t have the right photo yet, never fear. There are tips below for getting those shots of the dog, and yes, even the pictures of puppies.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments Ready for Your Dog Photos

These are just some of the many photo ornaments for your pet. Simply upload the picture you’ve chosen, then customize with your dog’s name and the year. Add in more text as you wish, arrange it all you like, then order just one for yourself, or many a gifts for all those who love your dog as well.

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Taking Dog Photos – Tips to Get the Best Shots

Getting good photos of dogs can be tricky, as anyone who has tried will tell you. But there are some tips to help you.

  • Using a digital camera is easiest so that you can see quickly if you did get a good shot
  • Take lots and lots of pictures. This is not the time to wait for the perfect pose. Just keep snapping pictures, you may find a gem among them.
  • Use the highest pixel setting your camera will allow. You can always crop the photo to get a good shot, but you can’t blow-up the digital photo and get as good quality.
  • Use props for your dog’s attention. Treats, favorite toys, a game of fetch can all be used to help get your dog’s attention for an alert look on his or her face.
  • Get your dog used to the clicking and whirling sounds of the camera. Take pictures at different times and often enough so that the sounds of your camera isn’t so intriguing to your dog.
  • Keep yourself relaxed, or take breaks as you need to. Your stress will translate as worry to your dog, so keep things happy and relaxed to get the best shots of your dog.

Choose the Best Photo Ornament

Once you have that shot, all cropped for the perfect image, then choose the photo ornament you want. You can pick one of the designs from the talented artists at Zazzle.com, or feel free to design your own ornaments. If you have a creative side and a photo program that will allow you to add embellishments, you can end up with a great image that you can put on a blank ornament.

So celebrate your dog’s life with you. Place your pet’s best photo on a Christmas ornament. It will be a great remembrance for years to come.