Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

Christmas PajamasChristmas morning is always fun, but you can jazz it up a little more by giving everyone in the whole family the gift of Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve or before.  Having every member of the family in Christmas pajamas on Christmas morn makes for some really great family photos and a lot of laughter.   It is like decorating the whole family is holiday splendor!

You can either select matching pajama sets or complimentary pjs, whichever suits your tastes or the individual family members preferences.  It is simply all about having fun!  Who knows, the family may not even want to bother changing out of their pajamas and into they holiday attire before dinner.  And, you know what?  That would be okay!  Why not spend a more relaxing day together.

Psssst!  You can even include the family pets!

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Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

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The pajamas featured in the introduction would be totally awesome for any family who loves Snoopy!

Snoopy and his decorated dog house are straight from the family favorite classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas.
The whole family could don their Snoopy decorated pajamas on Christmas Eve and start a new family tradition by watching the video together.

Then, they can snuggle in for the night and wake up rather for some really awesome family photos in their snazzy matching pjs.


Include the Grandparents

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Why not include the grandparents in the fun by giving them their own Christmas pajamas!

My parents (the grandparents in our family) would definitely wear the pjs over on Christmas morning.  We just have to hope they would be pulled over by the police on the way.

Still, it would be really cool to let the grandparents join the family dressed in their own fashionable family matching pjs.

With this set, the women and girls could wear the red pajama tops, Dad could wear a grey pj top, and the rest of the guys could have matching reindeer tops and bottoms as shown in the photo. There are truly several great variations in selection with this pajama set!


More Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

Half the fun will be selecting and giving the pajamas in preparation for Christmas morning.  The really cool part, since you are buying them, you get to choose the pattern and color!  Then, make sure you know how to set the timer on your camera, position everyone for the photo, and let the snapshots begin!

Choosing a different set of Christmas pajamas for the family each year could easily become a family tradition.  You will definitely want to capture those magic moments in photos.

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Fabulous Photos Make Great Keepsakes!

Years later, you will be able to watch your family grow by simply turning pages in a photo album.  Sure makes for some great memories, and future gifts!   I personally have several photos of my mom, my sister and myself dressed in matching pjs in front of the Christmas tree.  Oh, and we even have a more recent photo that includes my daughter in her matching ensemble.  These photos are irreplaceable!


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Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family