Lenox First Blessing Nativity Sets

Lenox Nativity SetIn many homes, the most cherished Christmas decoration is the family nativity set.  We actually have several in our own home, but I do have a favorite.  Each year, I carefully unwrap the individual pieces and arrange the beautiful nativity scene.  Some years, I set it out in our family room or den.  However, last year I set it out on a table in my kitchen because that is the room I spend most of my time in during the holiday season.

I really love the Lenox Nativity scene.  Since everything is basically white with only a splashes of color, it takes the focus off the color of the skin and allows us to simply gaze on the beauty of the Holy Family.  Even though the faces are not colored, the detail is fantastic on these pieces.  You can clearly see the beards on the men’s faces and easily make out the serene expression on Mary’s face.  The detail work is truly quite lovely.

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The Lenox Nativity Sets

To make the entire Nativity scene, you would need to buy all the sets.  You will no doubt wish to start with the Holy Family (shown above) which includes Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  An additional set includes the 3 Wise Men.  The angel and the animals are sold individually.  Because the complete scene is divided into separate purchases, it allows you to build your scene over the years one set or piece at a time.  This certainly makes it easy for family members to know what gift to buy for you each year in advance.  In my case, it did take several years to build the entire scene, but I believe it made me cherish each individual piece more.  Plus, it allowed multiple givers to contribute to my beautiful collection.

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Individual Pieces to Complete Your Nativity Set

Each piece is made of porcelain and accented in 24kt gold.  Another tremendous benefit to displaying a white porcelain scene is that it compliments any color scheme in your home decor.  That allows you to display it in different rooms each year without having to make other decor changes.

The standing figures are approximately 8″ tall.  The kneeling figures and smaller animals are approximately 4″ tall.  This entire collection truly makes a magnificent collection to display.  Because it is actually large enough to really be able to see, you will be able to appreciate the details in the porcelain.

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