Christmas Door Mats

Christmas Door MatsI absolutely love my Christmas door mats!  They are among the first decorations I put out for Christmas, and the last I take up.  Christmas door mats are not only for decorative purposes.  They actually serve a very practical purpose, which is the biggest reason why I love them so much.

Guests and residents get so excited when they first arrive during the holidays.  They rarely think about their shoes or what they might be tracking into my clean home.  By placing a holiday welcome door mat outside my door, as well as a Christmas door mat right inside my door, I don’t have to give their shoes much thought either.  These beautiful mats start the shoe cleaning work long before a guest takes the first step into our home.

The door mats also help tremendously with pet tracks.  Since we have a real wintry mix of winter throughout the holiday season, our dogs track in rain, snow, sleet, water, and mud for several months.  By having the pretty Christmas door mats outside and in, the mats take a good bit of the muck off paws before their ever hit the interior floors.

Of course, they are also quite pretty!  I usually leave my holiday door mats out until early spring.  After all, the neighbors never know to complain that I still have those holiday decorations out and they sure help me keep our home clean.



Take a Look at This Santa Door Mat!

 Toland Home Garden Stocking Stuffer 18 x 30-Inch Decorative USA-Produced Standard Indoor-Outdoor Designer Mat 800103Check Price



The Toland Home Garden Indoor-Outdoor Designer Mat

Isn’t he beautiful!  From stockings, to decorated Christmas trees, to gifts and Santa Claus himself, this door mat features a truly fantastic image design.  This mat can be used indoor or outside.  It is fade and mildew resistant.  It is backed with a non-skid backing and can even be washed.  Sounds just about perfect to me.

 Toland Home Garden Candy Cane Reindeer 18 x 30-Inch Decorative USA-Produced Standard Indoor-Outdoor Designer Mat 800114Check Price


Christmas Door Mats in a Variety of Styles

Something else that I really love about Christmas door mats is that they are available in a variety of styles and designs. You can find something appropriate for just about any paint scheme or decor. And, you can put something totally different at every door. They most certainly do not have to match each other.

The door mats shown below should only be used indoors, but they are just oh, so cute!

 DearHouse Merry Christmas Home Decor Mat Happy New Year Rudolph Elk SantaCheck Price The Most Wonderful Time Christmas Printing Door Mat, Ship from USCheck Price Christmas Door Mat Outdoor, Merry Christmas Welcome Mats for Front DoorCheck Price

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