Lighted Fiber Optic Angel Tree Toppers

Lighted Fiber Optic Angel Tree ToppersFew things are more beautiful than an angel tree topper at Christmas.   Angels are such an intricate part of Christmas decorations.   Placing an angel treetop on your Christmas tree seems like a fabulous finishing touch.  From the top of a tree, the angel appears to watch over the home.

I personally have several Christmas trees throughout our house.  Each one has a different theme and treetop, but our main family Christmas tree in our den features an angel treetop.  She was a gift many years ago from our son and she is definitely a treasured keepsake.  I’ve had to replace her bulbs a few times over the years, but her overall appearance remains glorious.


Lighted Fiber Optic Angel Treetop

 Kurt Adler 14-Inch Fiber Optic Ivory and Gold Animated Angel TreetopCheck Price

My angel is older, obviously, but she is very much like this lovely treetop.

This tree topper, just like mine, is animated and has iridescent wings that gently move.  Those wings, coupled with the lights under her dress, look gorgeous day or night, but they are especially fabulous with the light in the house off and just the tree lights glowing.

When the house lights are off, the angel glows radiantly.  When it is daytime or the lights in the house are on, she has a lovely dress, face and hair.


Beautiful Treetop Angel

 Kurt Adler CUL Fiber Optic LED Angel Christmas Treetop Figurine, 12-Inch, White and SilverCheck Price

This is another real beauty!

She is dressed in silver and white here, but she is also available in ivory and gold.  Each is a little different in details.  You will note the angel in silver has her hair down, flowing to her shoulders.  The angel dressed in gold has her hair pulled back and up in a more elegant style.

They both have fiber optic wings.

Eight choice is lovely.  Frankly, I would have a very difficult time choosing between them.  I would need to add another tree in a different room so I could have both.


More Fiber Optic Angels

All of the fiber optic angels are beautiful.  Their lovely, flowing dresses and lights leave us feeling as if we truly have been visited by a heavenly host.

 Vickerman Angel Fiber Optic Wings, 18-Inch, White/GoldCheck Price Kurt Adler 14-Inch Multi Fiberoptic Angel TreetopCheck Price

One note about anything animated. Test it upon receipt of shipment. If there is anything wrong, return it. Animated items can be damaged in shipment if not handled carefully.