Christmas Sweaters & Sweatshirts for Women

Christmas Sweaters & Sweatshirts for WomenEvery year I buy a new Christmas sweater to wear during the holidays.  It makes it so much easier when I don’t have to stress over what I am going to wear on Christmas day.  I need something that will allow me to move around, bend over or even lay down for a break without worrying that I will mess up my outfit.  Therefore, I seek comfortable, yet beautiful Christmas sweatshirts or sweaters.

Another reason I want a sweater or festive sweatshirt is because of the cold weather.  We often visit relatives during the holidays, which means we are going from one house to another carrying gifts.  I hate having to wear a cumbersome coat!  A nice sweatshirt sweater gives the needed warmth walking from the car to the front door, without being too confining.   Furthermore, I don’t have to take a coat off, then put it back on again when it is time to go to the next house.

Christmas Sweatshirts

These are some really pretty options for holiday sweatshirts.  I frequently dress up a sweatshirt by wearing a solid color turtleneck sweater under them.  That is also a great way to add a touch of color close to my face with a white sweatshirt.

I do a lot of the cooking for our entire family during the holidays too.  Having a loose-fitting sweatshirt or sweatshirt style sweater gives me room to move around the kitchen.  Plus, I don’t have to be concerned that it is too low-cut or that is might pull open in the front like button-up shirts.

 Vintage Christmas Santa snowman Holiday sweatshirt Freeze Reindeer Light Up Nose Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt Manger Scene Christmas Sweatshirt or t-shirt

Christmas Sweaters

As we would expect, Christmas sweaters are made from a different material than sweatshirts.  They tend to be more “dressy” than a t-shirt.  One of these holiday sweaters would be awesome for parties or visiting friends and family.

 V28 Christmas Reindeer Snowflakes Sweater Pullover (Red-3D-Nose)Check Price UNibelle Casual Winter Round Neck Loose Knit Pullover Tops Sweater JumperCheck Price Ugly Christmas Sweater Women’s Xmas Decor, BlackCheck Price

Christmas Sweater Dresses with Leggings

 Clever Travel Companion Women’s Leggings with Secret PocketsThe longer sweaters are perfect to wear with leggings!  I see women of all ages wearing leggings now instead of dress slacks.  They are certainly a lot more comfortable, especially during the holidays when we are expected to move fast.

The only thing I don’t like about leggings is that they don’t have pockets, and I need pockets.  A few years ago, I discovered Clever Travel Leggings and I love them!  Not only do they have pockets, but they have zipper pockets to keep my small wallet and cell phone safe.  The Clever Travel Leggings are the perfect combination for the longer holiday sweater dresses.

 Blizzard Bay Women’s Christmas Tunic Sweater Dress with Reindeer Poms Women Christmas Sweater, Cowl Neck Cute Shineflow Women’s Reindeer Snowflake Midi Christmas Pullover Sweater Jumper (Beige, One Size)

More than One for the Season

Some years I buy 2 different sweatshirts or sweaters so I have one for Christmas Eve as well as one for Christmas day. For me, and most women I know, a pretty Christmas sweatshirt or sweater is perfect for the holidays. They also make great gifts!

Holiday Sweaters & Sweatshirts