Christmas Trains for Gifts and Decorating

Trains and dolls have always been a part of our Christmas.  We started out receiving them as gifts when we are little.  Then, we gave them to our children as gifts for their first Christmas’.  As we have aged, we have been reluctant to put away our trains and dolls.  Therefore, they have become part of our Christmas decor.  It seems only appropriate that we should hear a choo-choo whistle on Christmas morn.

Ironically, a train most often means we are traveling.  However, on Christmas we all want to be home for the holidays.  So, I guess we just bring our trains home with us.
Christmas Trains

Christmas Trains for Giving

Because we, ourselves, start receiving trains as gifts, we will begin with toy trains that become treasures.  When I was a child, the Lionel trains were the greatest gift.  We set up the tracks, assembled the trains cars and watched them run in circles until we fell asleep.  They certainly became our personal treasures in our adult years.

When my own children were little, Thomas the Tank Engine was all the rage.  Our children spent hours, days actually, building the towns and driving Thomas all our the place.  One of the real benefits to Thomas the Tank Engine and his train “friends”, is that they are not limited to train tracks, although tracks are certainly available.  They are extremely colorful and have beautiful smiling faces.  Thomas is sold separately from his “friends”, but the wood set of trains is definitely worth the total investment.

Either of these trains would still make fabulous gifts for Christmas!

 LIONEL American Flyer Pennsylvania FC DOCKSIDER Train Set S Gauge 2217030Check Price Thomas & Friends Wooden RailwayCheck Price


Decorative Christmas Trains

Even when we don’t have children in our homes, we enjoy decorating with Christmas trains.  We hang them on our Christmas trees, set them on our tables and buffets, and even run them around the base of the Christmas tree if we have enough track.  Trains are just fun, even if they are just for decoration.  Although, there really is something pretty cool about have a running train set up just for Christmas amusement as a real touch of nostalgia.  The Lionel North Pole set featured here is the best of all worlds.  It runs on tracks, is painted in red and green holiday colors and features the sound of a train whistle.

 Lionel North Pole Central Ready to Play Train SetCheck Price Traditional Train OrnamentCheck Price The Gingerbread Express Train – 3 Piece SetCheck Price Santa Driving A Christmas Train Magnetic Salt and Pepper ShakerCheck Price


Having Fun with Christmas Trains

Over the years, our family has had a variety of Christmas trains grace our home.  Any train is welcome! From the Lionel sets of our youth, to the Thomas the Tank Engines from our son’s childhood, as well as the decorative trains, we have enjoyed them all.  They are truly Christmas Time Treasures!

Choose your favorite, give or decorate, and share them with friends and family for some wonderful memories of fun in your home too.  Christmas trains are a great Christmas tradition.


Christmas Trains and Train Sets