Family Photo Christmas Cards

Family-Photo-Christmas-CardIf your family likes to send out photo Christmas cards, then you’ll want to take a look at these delightful designs ready to add in your pictures. Created for family photos, they make it easy for you to personalize with your own name or customize the greeting.

Family Photos for the Holidays

With plenty of room to add multiple photos of the family, these holiday greeting cards work great for small or large families. Group shots and individual pictures are simply uploaded into the slots available. Arrange, or rearrange all you want until you like the look you see. With these cards, the printed version is always the same look you see online.

Accept the greeting the way it is and just add your own family name, or customize it with other text or information. That’s one of the best parts about these photo greeting cards.

Complete Customizing is Easy

If you find a look you like, but you want to make other changes to the design, that’s easy to do. Many times I have contacted the designer, right there through the site, and asked for some changes. Every time, it was a quick process and I ended up happier with the look than I could have imagined. These are talented people who design these Christmas cards.

Unique and Exclusive

Every design is available exclusively through You won’t find them in any department store, discount house, or other online stores. These are unique cards from the artistic world that shares their designs on Zazzle. Here are more of my favorite designs for multiple photos of the family.

Affordable Quality

You get premium quality with these Christmas cards, but you don’t have to pay the premium price. Lots of choices for paper style means that you can pick exactly what you like, including a glitter paper.  Never a minimum quantity requirement, so you can order just the number you need without having lots of leftovers to deal with, and pay for. Set-up, customizing and design are all free.

So get your family photos ready and send out unique, beautiful, and charming Christmas cards this year. Your friends and relatives will be giving you plenty of compliments.

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  1. Every year I get several family photo Christmas cards! I really love watching my friends and family “grow up” and with so many of us living great distances from each other, I miss out on a lot. These cards help me feel connected throughout the years.

  2. Mandee says:

    These family photo Christmas cards are awesome! I can vouch for Zazzle too! I get my Christmas card there every year. Now, I need to find or take some photos for this years’ card…

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