Santa Clause Costume

 A visit from Santa Clause adds a lot of fun and excitement to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When my children were little, my grandparents hired a Santa Clause to actually come by the house for a visit with all of the children on Christmas Day.

This annual visit from “Santa Clause”  was great photo opportunity with Santa, the family and/or each individual child.  Our children, my nieces and nephews were all allowed to interact with Santa Clause in a familiar and safe environment. Having Santa come to my grandparents home was much less traumatic for a child who was unexpectedly frightened by the gregarious gentleman.  Each year, it did seem like we had at least one child who simply was frightened or shy around Santa and they could easily retreat to another room in the house.


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Now that our children are grown, either my husband or my father can dress like Santa and hand out the gifts from under the Christmas tree.

Frankly, the one time cost of the Santa Clause costume is considerably less than the cost of hiring a visiting Santa each year. Plus, Santa gets to spend the whole day with the family instead of an hour visit.

Our entire family enjoys costumes, festive occasions and a reason to celebrate. I have no doubt that the family Santa costume will soon pass to our grown son, at least until he has children of his own and wishes to be Dad on Christmas day.

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