Easy Strawberry Trifle Recipe for Christmas

My easy strawberry Trifle recipe is an absolute must on our Christmas dessert menu. Everyone loves this strawberry trifle recipe and because it is so fast & easy to put together, I take it to Christmas parties or Christmas dinners throughout the holiday season.

Although I consider it a dessert, I have noticed over the years when I prepare it, that many people add it to their dinner plate, or eat it instead of a salad before their main meal. Obviously, either time is fine with me. I am just glad to serve something everyone will eat and I am always trilled to see people enjoying this delicious treat.


My Easy Strawberry Trifle Recipe


Strawberry Trifle Recipe Ingredients

• 8 oz. Cool Whip
• 4 oz. Sour Cream
• Angel Food Cake (I use a Store Bought Cake)
• 16 oz. pkg. Frozen Strawberries
• 16 oz. Strawberry Glaze
• Fresh Strawberries to Garnish (if desired)

Instructions – 4 Simple Steps and it is done!

Step 1: Tear the Angel Food Cake into Bite Size Pieces

Step 2: Fold Cool Whip and Sour Cream Together.

Step 3: Mix the Strawberry Glaze And Frozen Strawberries Together.

Step 4: Layer in the Trifle Bowl:

First Layer: Angel Food Cake pieces
Second Layer: Strawberry Mixture
Third Layer: Cool Whip Mixture
Repeat (this recipe make 3 – 3 layer sections

Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve

NOTE: This Recipe can be doubled to make 6 – 3 layer sections for a taller Trifle Bowl.


Recommended Trifle Bowls

When I am serving just my immediate family and a few guests, I make the recipe, as is, above. That trifle will easily serve 8 – 12 people. On these occasions, I use my short trifle bowl.

However, for party or large dinner, I double my Strawberry Trifle Recipe and prepare it in a taller trifle bowl, which will accommodate 6 triple layered sections.

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Step by Step Photos of Assembling a Strawberry Trifle

We each have our “first time” with every recipe or wonderful creation in the kitchen. If this is your first time to make a trifle, I invite you to visit me at Strawberry Trifle Recipe with Photos, where I have included step by step photos of assembling the Strawberry Trifle.


My Strawberry Trifle also makes a beautiful centerpiece on the dinner table. Well, at least until it is gone!