Christmas Disposable Plates & Napkins

Christmas Paper PlatesChristmas parties are always fun, but the clean-up is hardly exciting.  Some years we are really excited to pull out the Christmas china for guests.  Other years, we opt for the disposable plates with matching or complimentary napkins.  Even though the plates and napkins are disposable, we still want them to add beauty to our serving table.  Thankfully, there are several patterns and styles to choose from.

Why spend time fretting or dreading the after party clean-up.  Make it easier on yourself this year and use disposable paper plates and napkins.  Guests are most often just as content with paper plates as they are real china.  In some cases, they even prefer the paper plates so they don’t have to worry about breaking a dish.  And, as the hostess, you don’t have to worry about someone breaking your Christmas china.

 Spode spx144r Serves 32 Christmas Tree Paper Plates & Napkins, 144 Pcs Red Border


Christmas Disposable Paper Plates and Napkins

Poinsettias or candy canes are always favorites for holiday parties simply because they aren’t going to offend or exclude anyone.  The pretty red flowers or candy canes also add that special touch of Christmas color to your table.  It makes it especially easy on the hostess when the dinner plates, dessert plates and napkins are all sold together in a matching set.  Fortunately, we don’t have to forgo elegance anymore we we wish to use paper plates.

 Christmas Plates and Napkins Set serves 50 includes 50 Paper Dinner Plates 50 Dessert Plates and 100 Luncheon Napkins for Christmas Party Holiday Disposable Dinnerware Tableware Pack Made in USA Rtteri 350 Pcs Christmas Party Supplies Disposable Dinnerware Set Include 100 Party Paper Plates 50 Napkins 50 Coffee Cups 50 Fork 50 Spoon 50 Knife for Xmas Party Guest(Santa Claus) Umigy 400 Pcs Christmas Disposable Dinnerware Set for 50 Guests Christmas Tree Paper Plates and Napkins Cups Plastic Forks Knives Spoons Set, Xmas Party Supplies Holiday Birthday Dinner Tableware


 10.25″ Plastic Dinner Plates Disposable (100 Pack) White and Silver Wedding Plates Disposable Set 100 Guests
Disposable Hard Plastic Christmas Dinner Plates

Last year my mother brought some durable, hard plastic Christmas plates for our Christmas dinner.  They were absolutely fabulous.  Definitely a notch above paper plates because they would hold the entire heavy dinner that included ham and turkey.   For a dinner party, I would highly recommend going with the stronger disposable plates.

I admit, I was tempted to wash them and reuse them, but that would have defeated the purpose of using disposable.  I closed my eyes and through them away.

We did not use the plastic silverware, but I loved the plates!

 WDF 40Guest Gold Plates with Disposable Plastic Silverware,Gold Glitter Design Plastic Tableware sets include 40 Dinner Plates,40 Salad Plates,40Forks, 40 Knives, 40 Spoons (Gold Glitter Dinnerware) Nervure 140PCS Red Plastic Plates – Red and Gold Plates with Gold Plastic Silverware, Gold Disposable Plates Include 40Plates, 20Cups, 20Forks, 20 Knives, 20Spoons, 20Napkins


Disposable Holiday Plates