Nativity Christmas Cards

 As Christmas approaches, we start to focus on what needs to be done to prepare for the holidays.  One of the first things we do to get into the mood of the season, is to buy, address and mail our Christmas cards.  We want to take a moment to share holiday greetings with our loved ones and friends whether they live close by or out of town.  Christmas cards are a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them, even if you haven’t seen them in years.

Once I start receiving Christmas cards, I always see one that I wish I had bought and sent myself.  So many of them have gorgeous artwork.  I absolutely love the variety of choices my friends and family have made.

I save the Christmas cards we receive and I am really glad that I always have kept them.  It is a walk down memory lane each time I look through the cards from 30+ years ago.  The last cards received from loved ones are certainly cherished treasures.

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Nativity Christmas Cards

Because we are celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas, I personally prefer the Nativity Christmas cards.  Life gets so hectic around the holiday season and it is so very easy to forget the reason we even celebrate Christmas.  Christmas cards that feature the Nativity scene are an excellent reminder on those frantic days.  They remind us to stop and give thanks for the birth of Christ.

If you really think about the image you are viewing, you will also remember the meager surroundings for the birth of the Son of God.  Another great reminder that we don’t need great wealth or possessions to claim the one thing that will last forever.  Our relationship with God.

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Christmas Cards that Feature the Nativity

It is so hard to choose between these beautiful cards.  One minute I think I want the more realistic card like the one close to the top of this article.  Then I glimpse the stained glass cards and love all of the colors and the mosaic effect created in the image.  That card seems to have it all with a whole window section for the Wise Men and another for the shepherds.  The animals are simply precious, especially the little lamb climbing on the back of the donkey to see the Christ child.

Each card is beautiful and they make me want them all!  Perhaps, that is exactly what I will do myself.  Of course, that will leave me wondering which family member or friends should get which picture when I am addressing the envelopes.


Send & Share These Beautiful Nativity Christmas Cards

Christmas cards featuring the Nativity