Mrs Claus Costume

Mrs Claus costumeWe all watch for Santa Claus at Christmas, but Christmas would not be as magical without Mrs. Claus decked out in her beautiful Mrs Claus costume for Christmas morning!

Just as every home should have a Santa Claus, every home should also have a Mrs. Claus to greet the morning and warmly welcome family and guests. A very charming hostess indeed!

Preparing for Christmas Morning

Woman all over the world spend months preparing for Christmas! Hours and hours of shopping, selecting just the right gifts for everyone on Santa’s list, decorating our homes, our cars and sometimes even our pets. Why stop there?

Why shouldn’t we dress the part we actually play at Christmas and receive the proper notice.

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The Mrs Claus Costume

 Smiffys Miss SantaCheck PriceWe should definitely all get into the Santa spirit by wearing our own Christmas costume!

These beautiful Mrs. Claus costumes are exactly what we need as we serve as hostess on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. They would also be great for Christmas parties!

There is one designed for every woman, regardless of age, size or climate.  This short skirt version as a more carefree appeal and would definitely be easier to move around in.

Of course, you could actually wear one for Christmas Eve and another costume on Christmas morning.  I rather doubt Mrs. Claus’ closet is limited to only one outfit.


The Mrs. Claus Costume We All Love to Embrace

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While both of the costumes featured above are stunning and lovely fashions, there is one style that beckons us all.

The traditional costume of Mrs. Claus has ageless appeal. Complete with apron, any mother or hostess could easily move from the kitchen to the dining room table and still look simply adorable.

I rather doubt there is anyone who wouldn’t want a hug and kiss on the cheek from this precious Mrs. Claus.


Enjoy Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun and festivities, parties and family. Having Mrs. Claus in the mist, would simply make Christmas that much more enjoyable for all. And, I rather like the idea of getting to play Mrs. Claus and participate in handing out those carefully chosen and prepared Christmas gifts.

Maybe this year Santa will even let me say, “Merry Christmas to all and to all, a goodnight!”


Mrs Claus Christmas Dresses costumes