Christmas Wreaths for the Front Door

Decorative Christmas Wreaths for the Front DoorOne of my own personal favorite holiday decorations is the Christmas wreath for the front door.  Not only is a Christmas wreath beautifully decorative, but it is a welcoming beacon to friends, family and guest.  When company arrives at your front door, they are immediately put in a happy and festive mood just seeing the Christmas wreath.  I don’t know how many times I have opened the door to guests and been immediately greeted with the comment, “I love you Christmas wreath!”  And, that is exactly what we desire from our Christmas decor.  We want people to admire it and we want our decorations to cheer our friends and neighbors.

I don’t invest in a new Christmas wreath each year.  We normally buy a new one only when they start fading or falling apart.  We store our wreath from year to year and place it on the front door right after Thanksgiving.  However, there was a year that I wanted the house decorated all in gold.  That year I did purchase a special custom-made gold wreath.


Christmas Wreaths for the Front Door

 dyno seasonal solutions 6001DW20-1 20-Inch Sizzle Decorated Tinsel WreathCheck Price

The Christmas wreath with Christmas ornaments scattered on a foundation of tinsel is most reminiscent of my childhood days.  Long before people started using lighted Christmas wreaths, we decorated our front doors with a wreath that matched our Christmas tree, which was most often in the front window.  To this day, I personally still prefer the tinsel and ornaments wreath on the door.

This decorated tinsel wreath is available for purchase online and will be shipping right to your door.  No need to go on a major store to store search for just the right front door decoration.

This wreath gets the best reviews from customers.  It is 18 – 20 inches in diameter and arrives ready to hang on a front door wreath hanger.


Custom Made when Ordered

 Mistletoe Ribbon Christmas Holiday Front Door Wreath – Unique Seasonal Design With Ornaments, Pine Cones, Silk Evergreens, And A Bow (30 Inch)Check PriceThis would truly be a gorgeous welcome to family and guests during the holidays.  This beautiful wreath is custom-made when you place your order.

It has all of our favorite decorations from ornaments to pine cones, ribbon and faux berries all nestled in a bed of silk winter evergreens.

The size will be approximately 30″ wide, but it is also available in 24″ or 18″.  Simply click the image on the right and select the size you wish.

Because it isn’t made until ordered, it could take up to 3 weeks for delivery.  This is one you would need to order in plenty of time to ensure delivery in time for decorating.


Gold Front Door Christmas Wreath

For the years when we want our homes to be decked out all in gold, this is the wreath of choice to add that touch of elegance.  It is approximately 16″ in diameter and is a gorgeous display of gold ornaments, leaves and pine cones.  It is finished with a lovely decorative gold poinsettias.

 Gold Christmas Wreath Decoration with Golden Pine Cones Snow Flower Leaves and Berries Christmas Door Hanging Decoration SuppliesCheck Price


Inexpensive – Battery Operated Lighted Christmas Wreath

 National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas WreathCheck Price

For many years, I would not consider using a lighted wreath on my front door simply because I didn’t like the looks of the electrical cord.  It also always concerned me that the electrical cord could be damaged since I would need to run it inside which would mean I would have to close the door on it.  I don’t really like seeing the electrical cords running across my floor either.

However, the battery-operated lights give us a practical solution to those ugly power cords.  It uses AAA batteries to operate the lights.

This wreath is approximately 24″ in diameter.


Christmas Wreath Hanger

In most cases, you will need a hanger.  Even if the wreath has a hanging tab, you will most likely want a temporary wreath hanger instead of a permanent hook on your front door.

 ZMCINER Wreath Hanger for Front Door, Adjustable Wreath Hanger from 15 to 25 Inches Wreath Hanger, 20 lbsCheck Price Linwnil 2 Pack Wreath Hanger Adjustable Length from 14 to 26 Inches Wreaths Holder Hook 20LB Heavy DutyCheck Price Wreath Hanger,12” Clear Wreath Hooks for Front Door,2 Pack Over the DoorCheck Price




Front Door Christmas Wreaths