Christmas Tree Brooch Pins

 Christmas Tree Rhinestone Brooch Pin Check PriceI have always loved the Christmas Tree Brooch pins. Most likely because my grandmother and my mother always wore one on the lapels of their coats. They would pin them on their coat lapels right after Thanksgiving and wear them through New Years. I suppose it was a bit of a tradition in our household for the women to wear Christmas Brooch pins. I certainly picked up the tradition and started wearing my own Christmas Tree Brooch pin in my late teens.

Christmas tree brooch pins add a touch of the season to our everyday attire. Not only are they beautiful accent pieces, but they are fun visual reminders that Christmas is coming soon. In a way, the Christmas celebration begins with the pins.

Christmas Tree Brooch Pin with Multi-Colored Rhinestone

 Colorful Ornaments Christmas Tree Brooch Check Price

My mother and grandmother always wore a Christmas Tree Brooch Pin decorated with multi-colored rhinestones similar to the one picture here.

The multicolored rhinestones actually resembled the colored lights on a real Christmas tree. The strong presence of red and green are in keeping with the traditional red and green associated with Christmas.

This style of Christmas Tree brooch pin will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Blue Austrian Crystal Christmas Tree Brooch Pin

 Christmas Tree Brooch Blue Austrian CrystalCheck Price

Blue is my favorite color, so I am naturally drawn to this beautiful and elegant piece.

For those of us who don’t mind venturing away from the traditional Christmas red and green, this would truly be a glorious accent pin and would, no doubt, be rather unique.

This particular Christmas Tree brooch pin is one that I would wear for a party or dinner to add a little sparkle to my outfit or basic black sweater.


 Christmas Tree Brooch PinCheck Price

Crystal & Pearls Christmas Brooch Pin

This crystal and pearl accented Christmas Tree Topiary Brooch Pin is an absolute must for my collection! I discovered it while writing this article and fell in love with it immediately.

The romantic feel of this piece has an allure all its own. I know it will drawn a ton of compliments and be a beautiful Christmas accessory or many years to come.


More Christmas Tree Brooch Pins

This was just a quick glimpse of the many different styles of Christmas Tree Brooch pins. There are so many more available with a variety of gem stones and settings. I am sure everyone can find one they absolutely love and treasure. One they can wear year after year too.

You can find a vast, beautiful selection of Christmas Tree Brooch Pins Here.

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