Vintage Christmas Party Invitations

Vintage-Christmas-Party-InvWhen it comes time to plan your holiday party this year, you may want to consider a vintage theme. Vintage Christmas party invitations start the theme off right. You can choose your invitation then use the design elements to help you with decorations, even menu ideas. Let me show you how.


Vintage Christmas Party Invitations

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The invitations you see here can help you with the style and design of your holiday party. With a vintage Santa and sleigh, you have some easy decor ideas. Decorate with Santa hats, a hanging sleigh, even reindeer figures set on your buffet table. Menu ideas can include Santa cookies and reindeer carrots.

If you go with a Victorian themed vintage Christmas party invitation, you can decorate with snowflakes and fur. Include menu items like Plum Pudding and traditional eggnog. Victoriana Magazine offers lots more for a truly Victorian style party.

Choose Party Invitations Early

You’ll want to choose and order your vintage Christmas party invitations early. And there are several reasons for this. You’ll want your guests to know when you party is planned before they start making other plans for that time. The holidays are busy for everyone, so get your invitations out to your guests early.

You’ll also want to make sure you get your choice of holiday invitations. Many places sell out of their choices. You don’t want to be stuck with a choice you aren’t happy with because you waited too long.

Plus, when you have your invitations in hand, if will be easier for you to decide on decorations, match colors and plan your menu. I like to take a copy of the invitation with me to stores to make sure that I match the colors of things like paper plates and tablecloths.

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More Themes for Christmas Parties

 Old Fashioned Victorian Christmas Party InvitationShop Here

Of course, vintage is just one style or theme for a Christmas party. There are others that you might pick this year. How about an Ugly Sweater Party? Just a fun way to enjoy a holiday party. An elegant Christmas party might be more your preference. A holiday open house might be better for you and your guests.

No matter what type or theme you choose, order early, then make use of the design elements in the party invitations to pick your decorations and menus.