Buri Animal Ornaments

Brushart OrnamentsBuri Ornaments are also known as Brushkin or Brushart Animal Ornaments

The Buri ornaments are awesome natural ornaments made from a Buri Palm tree without harming the tree.  They make absolutely adorable animal ornaments that often look quite real!

I love animals and some of my all time favorite Christmas decorations are the Brushkin animal ornament collection.

The holidays would simply not be complete, without a few of these adorable animal ornaments smiling at me from my Christmas tree.  They seem so very appropriate hiding in the branches, peering at me while I wrap gifts or go about my daily chores.

Several years ago, I put the little fox on my Christmas wish list.  I was thrilled beyond belief when my husband and children each gave me a new decoration for our tree.  That year I received the little fox, the hedgehog and the squirrel ornament.  All so very adorable and sweet.

These precious gifts sure add a lot of fun and cuteness to my day during the holiday season.  Each time I look at them, I am reminded of my thoughtful family.  They know how much I love keepsakes and they are always so good to me!

As you peruse this article, you will see notes in the little green boxes about why I am so crazy about the Brushkin ornaments.


Brushkin Animal Ornament

My Brushkin Hedgehog Ornament

My Brushkin Hedgehog Ornament

This is my own precious Brushkin Hedgehog ornament hanging on my own tree.

I absolute adore this little fellow!  He just has such a pleasant smile and a fabulous disposition.  He just hangs out there all day keeping me company and sharing his little smile.

You, too, can have your own hedgehog for you tree to share his delightful smile with you each day.  The hard part is putting him away when the holidays are over.


 Brushart Hedgehog OrnamentCheck Price


All Brushkin Animal Ornaments
Are made from the Fiber of the Buri Palm Tree

Buri Ornaments

All of these Brushart animals are also adorable.   Of this group, I only have the fox.  I also have a squirrel, but not the grey squirrel.  Therefore, the grey squirrel, the raccoon and the beaver are on my current Christmas wish list.

 Brushart Raccoon Ornament BRUSHOR38Check Price Brushart BRUSH10B Beaver Brown BrushArt Animal FigurineCheck Price


The Brushkin Squirrel Ornament

Buri Ornaments

My Brushkin Squirrel Ornament

 5″ Brushart Squirrel OrnamentCheck Price

This is my Squirrel!

As I previously stated, my squirrel is not grey.  He is brown, more like the live squirrels in our area of the world.

I love my little Buri squirrel ornament!

Isn’t he just the cutest little thing sitting there watching and waiting.  Makes me want to find him a little ear of corn just like I would for the real squirrels in my backyard.



Brushkin Animal Ornaments
Are Hand Cut into their Final Shape

 Martha Stewart Set of 4 Woodland Buri AnimalsCheck Price

 This collection of Buri animals are all beautiful and perfectly shaped and colored for a true replica of the real animal.  I love being able to bring a bit of “wildlife” into my home during the holidays.  They really do look like they belong in the tree.


Brushkin Animal Ornaments
Eyes, nose, ears, paws, etc. are made from seeds, pods and carved wooden pieces


Brushkin Ornament

My Brushkin Rabbit Ornament

Buri Rabbit Ornament

Allow me to present my Brushkin Bunny Rabbit!

Now, this little girl hopped right into my heart the first instant I saw her.  Everyone knows I have a soft spot for rodents and rabbits are just so very precious.  She may not be as soft as a real bunny, but she is certainly just as adorable!  Truth be told, she is easier to take care of than a live rabbit.


Buri Rabbit included in Set

There is a rabbit included in the set below.  This set is a winter wonderland set and includes the rabbit, a squirrel and a raccoon.   You will note that they look like they have snowflakes scattered across their bodies and a lot of white around their faces as if they have been burrowing in the snow.

 Squirrel/rabbit/raccoon Ornament, Assorted of 3Check Price


A Special Note of Thanks

Even though I discovered Brushkins Animal Ornaments several years ago, I was completely unaware of the precious little mouse ornament.  Needless to say, I, Sylvester”mouse”, jumped for joy when I saw the little Mouse Ornament featured in a dear friend’s article.  Yes, it is true!   Indigo Janson introduced me to the sweet little mouse in her article.

Thank you Indigo!  I will always think of you when I look at my newest family member on my own Christmas tree.  I shall name her after you and laugh anytime someone asks me why I named the mouse “Indigo”.

The Mouse aka Indigo (on the right)

 Little Brown Mouse OrnamentCheck Price


I have already commented about how I hate to put these animals away when the holidays are over.  In the case of the little mouse, I have one that stays out year round on my desk.  My son gave me the little mouse that keeps me company throughout the day.


These Animal Ornaments
Are made without destroying the trees or plants in the production process


Fox Ornament

My Brushkin Fox Ornament

Buri Fox Ornament

This is my sweetheart Fox!  I do love him, but I have to keep a close eye on him.

He is a sly little devil.  He thinks I am going to let him play with my rabbit or mouse, but nope!   Not gonna happen!  He has to stay on his own side of the tree.

 Buri Fox OrnCheck Price


These Animal Ornaments All Have
Wires in the middle and they can be bent to adjust the Way the Animal Looks or Stands


The Fox Ornament is Sold in a Set

You can often get a better price by purchasing multiple Buri ornaments in a set instead of buying them all individually, especially if you are paying shipping costs.  The fox is available in a couple of different sets.  Choose your favorite set that includes a fox.

One set features the fox, a squirrel, and a rabbit.  Another set features the fox, a mouse and a rabbit.

 FOX/SQUIRREL/HARE Ornament, Assorted 3Check Price Mouse, Fox, Rabbit Orn A/3Check Price


One Final Note
Brushkins Animal Ornaments Are 30-50% Smaller Than Brushart Animal Ornaments, but they are all made with the same materials.
Both have been featured in this article.



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  1. Jasmine Ann says:

    I love these ! Its hard to choose a favourite as you know I love wildlife! I really like the rabbit and the mouse and adore the hedgehog! They are all lovely 🙂 I am pleased that they are made without destroying trees or plants. Your tree looks wonderful!

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