Christmas Decorating Made Easy — Wall Decals

Christmas wall decalsWe are always looking to add decorations to our home for the holidays and Christmas is one of the most decorated for Holidays.

What if you could add some more Christmas decorations without taking up valuable space on tables, bookcases, mantels and the like? Something so easy, anyone can do it and so affordable, it’s silly not too? I’m talking about Christmas and holiday wall decals.



Wall Decals as Christmas Decor

I like simple and affordable. When I find a product that fits those two requirements, I am in heaven! I recently found, while perusing the internet, a collection of Christmas wall decals. I was thrilled!

I  use wall decals around the house to continue themes, add character or whimsy to my rooms and have for a few years. Not sure why I never thought of them as holiday decorations but I didn’t. Well, things have changed! I plan to get at least one each year for a few years.

We all have bare spots in our homes. You know, the area that no piece of furniture really fits well. These are the perfect spots to add some holiday spirit this Christmas season. Big or small, wall decals will fit almost anywhere — even on furniture or cabinets. Let’s take a look at some of them…

RoomMates All Is Calm, All Is Bright Quote Peel And Stick Wall Decals With GlitterRoomMates All Is Calm, All Is Bright Quote Peel And Stick Wall Decals With GlitterCheck PriceMerry Christmas Quotes Wall Decals(43 decals), Happy New Year Quotes StickersMerry Christmas Quotes Wall Decals(43 decals), Happy New Year Quotes StickersCheck Price

The lyrics wall decal is so perfect for the winter and holiday season, I just love it. I have the perfect spot in mind — I will take down the mirror above the mantel and stick it there. I can’t wait!

The second design, the Christmas tree quote decal is larger. It’s assembled size is 38″ x 52.5″. But, again, I have the perfect place in mind. I want to stick it to the wall in the dining area opposite the picture window. I have never found exactly what I wanted to put in the space before but my problem is solved now. And, if I want to add an occasional piece of furniture with Christmas decor in the future, I will still have the floor space to do so.


More Places for Wall Decals

Wall decals aren’t just for big open wall spaces, either. You can use them on any smooth, flat surface. For instance, all them in the bathroom on the doors or cabinets, above doors or windows, in the kitchen on cabinets or even make your own holiday plate by sticking them to dishes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using them as home decor. Smooth and flat are the only requirements. Here’s a few more, smaller designs you can choose from:

RoomMates Merry Christmas Quote Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals with Metallic InkRoomMates Merry Christmas Quote Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals with Metallic InkCheck PriceRoomMates Ornamental Reindeer Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalsRoomMates Ornamental Reindeer Peel and Stick Giant Wall DecalsCheck PriceRoomMates Polar Christmas Peel And Stick Wall DecalsRoomMates Polar Christmas Peel And Stick Wall DecalsCheck Price

The designs above are made to use together or separately, whichever you choose. You can have snowflakes sprinkled down the hallway or use them as a border. Group a few of the poinsettia dots together in different spots around the room. However you decide to do it, it will look great!


Affordable and Easy Decorating

These wall decals are so easy to use. Simply peel and stick. You can re-position them as many times as is needed to get it just right. They do say, as you stick a design to the wall, work from the top to the bottom, smoothing as you go to ensure air bubbles don’t get trapped.

Affordable because the price is already reasonable (approx $15 to $37 depending on the designs you choose) and you can reuse them year after year! Simple peel them off the wall and re-stick them to the original film they came on and store. If you don’t have the original film, use wax paper. These decals give you a small price but make a big impact when decorating for the holidays.