Specialty Christmas Soap Gifts & Decor

Christmas Soap Decor & GiftsIf you are searching for that unique Christmas gift that won’t be duplicated, you will definitely want to consider giving these gorgeous Christmas soaps.  Since they are not perishable, these decorative soap gifts can be mailed, arrive early, arrive late or be right on time in a package under the tree.

Everyone uses soap, but not everyone is pampered with special treats.  When you give these handmade specialty soaps, the recipient knows you sought to give an exceptional gift, not just an acceptable gift.

These gorgeous Christmas soaps could be used for both practical and decorate purposes.  They could easily be displayed in the kitchen or the bathroom as a lovely decoration, then used to actually wash our hands.  Of course, once they are wet, the shape and design will fade, but the luxurious scent will remain.

The very best part is that everyone will love these beautiful soaps.  Children and adults alike will be delighted with the gorgeous designs.  You just might find specialty Christmas soaps become the #1 requested gift next year after you give them this year.  Simply because, everyone enjoys receiving a touch of luxury, especially at Christmas. 


Specialty Christmas Soaps

 Santa and Snowman Christmas SoapCheck Pric
Santa & Snowman Christmas Soap

Isn’t this the prettiest soap you have ever seen!  I love the jolly Santa and the happy snowman.  Together, they look quite festive!

The Santa and Snowman soap is available in a variety of colors.  You choose from the collection of over 40 colors.  Some even include sparkle or glitter!

Unless requested, the Santa and Snowman soap are unscented, but you can request a scent.  Again, you simply choose the fragrance you want from a list of over 100 scents that are available.  Personally, my first thought of a Christmas fragrance is peppermint, but I will freely admit to having an extremely difficult time choosing a fragrance for the Santa and Snowman.  I’m thinking I just might try Christmas Memories just to surprise myself!

The Santa and Snowman soap are made by SkyRainSoap.  She has several other designs available including the soaps in the photo below.  I could easily imagine a gorgeous gift basket full of these beautiful specialty Christmas soaps in a variety of colors and scents.

 Winter Holiday Christmas Soap CollectionCheck Price


 Victorian Christmas Soap Santa
(featured in the introduction)
Check Price

Victorian Santa Soap

Such a gorgeous Santa!  A Victorian Santa is a beautiful decoration in any room even though this one is really a shaped soap.

This Victorian Santa soap is specially scented with the designer’s uniquely blended fragrance.  However, you can make a special order if you prefer a different scent.

She also offers the Victorian Santa in a few other colors including pastel colors of green, blue or salmon.  Again, you can make a special request if there is a particular color you prefer that is not offered.

This soap is 100% soap and vegan friendly!

Be Sure to Treat Yourself Too!

There is something for everyone on Etsy!  These handmade soaps are only a small offering of features that I loved and wanted to share with you.  You could easily go on a virtual holiday shopping spree by clicking here to see the entire selection available.

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