Old World Christmas Ornaments Sets

Old World Ornaments SetsThe Old World Christmas Boxed Ornaments Sets are among the most beautiful available today.  The Old World ornaments are blown glass and are quite lovely on the Christmas tree.  Authentic “Old World Christmas” ornament are handmade, hand painted and embellished by hand.  Due to the labor intensive steps for creating these gorgeous ornaments, they are issued in limited quantities.

Old World Christmas ornaments add a touch of exquisite beauty to all of your Christmas home decor.  They also make beautiful additions to wreaths or displayed on a decorated mantel.


Old World Christmas Wedding Collection Ornament Box Set

 Old World Christmas Wedding Collection Ornament Box SetCheck Price

This would make such a lovely shower gift, wedding gift or gift for the couple’s first Christmas together.

I remember well our first few Christmas holidays when we were decorating our first Christmas tree.  We didn’t have enough ornaments to fill one side of our tree, much less cover the whole tree.

This Old World Wedding collection of glass ornaments would be a gift the couple would treasure for a lifetime.
Old World Christmas Wedding Collection


There are six ornaments in this collection:  The Bride, the Groom, the Chapel, a Heart with Wedding Rings, Wedding Bells, and a Floral Bouquet.

You may prefer the larger Bridal Collection of Old World Ornaments

 Old World Christmas Bride’s Collection Ornament Box SetCheck Price

Old World Nutcracker Ornament CollectionThe Nutcracker solder has become a Christmas decor tradition in many homes.  I, myself, have one very special Nutcracker that has his own place of distinction in our home every year.  He was a gift from my son.

Often it is the giver who is most cherished and the gift serves as a reminder of the loved one year after year.

There are six ornaments in this collection:  The Nutcracker General, Sugar Plum Fairy/The Ballerina, Ballet Shoes, Clara, and The Mouse King.

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Old World Christmas Child’s Ornament Set

Old World Child's Ornament CollectionThis could be a child’s first ornament collection!  A baby wouldn’t have a clue what to do with these ornaments, but the parents would certainly know.  This collection would make a lovely baby shower gift or baby’s first Christmas gift.  They will most likely get plenty of toys and clothes, but this is a gift they will keep all of their lives.

The collection includes beautiful glass ornaments:  The Teddy Bear holding a big heart, A Stocking, a Snowman, a Rocking Horse, a Santa Teddy Bear, and an Angel Teddy Bear.

 Old World Christmas Childs Ornament setCheck Price

Old World Christmas Twelve Days of Christmas Bells Glass Ornament

This Old World Christmas Ornament Collection certainly “rings” of the old world to all of us.  With the images from the traditional 12 Days of Christmas song lyrics, these ornaments bring back some really great memories.  Mostly of not being able to remember all 12 gifts to sing the song!

The bells and their images are all beautiful in this collection.  Perhaps, these ornaments would help us all recall the daily gifts the next time we sing the song.

 Old World Christmas Twelve Days of Christmas Bells Glass OrnamentCheck Price

Old World Christmas Nativity Collection Glass Ornament

This collection may well have the most significance to you and your family.  The Nativity scene represents the true meaning of Christmas.  The reason we celebrate Christmas is often lost in the chaos of the holiday season.  Each time we look at either of the ornaments, we will be reminded of why we celebrate.  These glass ornaments would be lovely on your tree or displayed on a separate ornament display stand and they would certainly make a lovely gift to any believer.

This collection includes nine ornaments:  The Holy Family, the Angel, the Star of Bethlehem, the three Magi, Shepherds, Sheep, a Donkey, a Camel, and a Cow.

 Old World Christmas Nativity Collection Glass OrnamentCheck Price

Old World Mini Ornament Collection

Several years back, my sister purchased a mini ornament collection.  She brought it to my home on Christmas Eve and let each of us select an ornament to add to our Christmas trees.  She set aside an ornament for our siblings that were not here that Christmas and sent them to them later.  Now, each year as I place that little mini ornament on our tree, I think of my sweet sister and remember that wonderful idea.  We are all members of the same family, each different in our own way.  Our individual ornaments from that special Christmas Eve are all members of the same collection, each different in their own ways.

There are twelve mini ornaments included in this collection.  It would be a great collection to share, to give as a gift or to simply include in your own Christmas tree decorations.

 Old World Christmas Mini Christmas Set of 12, 1Check Price