Star Tree Toppers for Christmas Trees

Star Christmas Tree ToppersMany of us never feel like a tree is completely decorated until the tree topper is in place.  Star tree toppers are among the most popular toppers.  For some, it is the religious connotation of the star.  For others, they like them because of the astronomical significance.  And, of course, there are those who simply like their looks on top of a tree.

My grandmother always had a star on the top of her tree.  I never see a star tree topper that I don’t think of her.  Life many things of that generation, her star did not light up.  It was a simply grape-vine shaped like a star.  It may well have been handmade, but as a child, I never through to ask.  Either way, whether the star at the top of a Christmas tree twinkles or not, I think of the Christmases of my childhood at my grandmothers home.


Star Tree Toppers – Lighted

There are several star tree toppers today that are quite beautiful.  With so many styles to choose from, it may be hard for you to make a selection, but most likely one will speak to each of our hearts.  The hard part is if different family members had different preferences.  We had that happen in our home.  The solution:  we put a separate small tree in our son’s bedroom just for him.

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Star Tree Toppers Without Lights

You may not have access to electricity for your Christmas tree, or the topper.  However, you still want a star on the top of your tree.  That is also easy.  Simply purchase one of the stars that has a holder for the star without the electric lights.

These stars are lovely and quite decorative, but do not light.

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The Appearance of a Homemade Christmas Star Tree Topper

Over the years, I have casually looked for a grapevine Christmas star tree topper that fit the mental image in my mind of what my grandmother had on her tree.  I have never found one.  I have even checked Youtube for instructions to make my own.  Still, no luck!

Someday, perhaps I will find one, but until then, I have to settle for the lighted rattan star below.  Or, maybe I’ll just stick with the ornament that looks so much like it.  After all, it is the memory I seek to capture and the ornaments will certainly suffice.

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Christmas Tree Toppers - Stars