Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees with Clear Lights

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees with clear white lightsPre-lit artificial Christmas trees make decorating for Christmas so much easier.   No more dropped pine needles or water to spill on the floor.  The very best part of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is that the lights are already in the tree.  The years of struggling with strings of lights for the Christmas tree are over.

Several years ago, we stopped buying live Christmas trees and purchased a pre-lit artificial tree.   At first, I was a little saddened by the decision.  It clearly marked the end of a family tradition.  However, that sadness was quickly replaced by the reality of how much faster the Christmas tree was fully decorated.  Since the lights are already on the tree, I can set up the tree and move right to adding our favorite ornaments.  What used to take several hours, lots of patience and constantly being poked by pine needles, now takes merely minutes.

The Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees featured here all have sparkling clear lights already nestled in the branches of the tree.  No need to fight the basic string lights for these trees, but you can still add your specialty strings lights by simply running an extension cord along the center base of the tree and plugging them in separately.


National Tree Dunhill Fir Hinged Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

 National Tree Dunhill Fir Hinged Tree with 750 Clear Lights, 7-1/2-FeetCheck PriceThe National Tree Dunhill Fir hinged pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is among the best and most popular artificial trees on the market today.  It is a beautiful artificial tree that looks quite real

The Dunhill Fir tree is available starting at 4.5 feet and ranges in size all the way up to 12 feet.  This tree comes with a 5 year warranty for the tree and a 2 year warranty for the lights.  It is flame retardant and non-allergenic.

The 7.5 foot full tree has over 2500 branch tips and is decorated with 750 clear lights.  The taller trees have more and the shorter trees have less.  I simply used the 7.5 ft. tree as the example.

It comes in 3 sections for easier storage.  The branches are attached and hinged to the center pole sections for even faster assembly.  As with anything that has been stored for a year, you will need to “fluff” the branches to fill in the spaces completely.

*Important note:  The listing says that the tree comes with a storage box, but that is simply the box the tree is in upon arrival.  If you desire a steady box or storage bag, you will need to buy that separately. 


Carolina Pine Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

 National Tree 7 1/2′ Carolina Pine Tree, Hinged, 86 Flocked Cones, 750 Clear Lights (CAP3-306-75)Check Price

If you desire a tree with more of an “outdoors” appearance, you may well prefer the Carolina Pine National Tree that not only has lights, but also flocked pine cones in the branches.

The branches are attached and hinged to the center pole sections just like the tree above.  However, unlike the tree above, this tree is only available in 6.5 or 7.5 feet.

Once you have the tree set up, be sure to fluff the tree for fullness.  On each branch, start at the center of the tree and work you way out, adjusting the branches and creating the fullness effect as you go.  I recommend starting with the top branches, but I have noticed when I have help, other family members start at the bottom and fluff the tree in sections as they are assembling it.


Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

 Bethlehem Lighting GKI 7.5-Feet PE and PVC Tips Pre-Lit Hunter Christmas Tree with 850 Clear Mini LightsCheck Price

This artificial Christmas tree has more a of downward sweep of it’s lovely branches creating a realistic look of a tree that has been laden with ice or snow.

It is available in multiple heights starting at 4.5 feet and up to 9 feet.  The 7.5 foot tree has over 4500 branches and 850 clear mini lights.  It also has burr cones scattered throughout the branches.  The smaller trees will have less branches and fewer lights, while the taller trees have more branches and more lights.  I opted to focus on the middle size tree of 7.5 feet to give you an example of the fullness of the trees, as well as how well lit they are with assembled.

*This is the tree featured in the introduction


More Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees with Clear Lights

Selecting an artificial Christmas tree is often more about looks for many of us.  However, you may want to consider that LED lights draw less electricity, last longer and burn cooler.

 Feel-Real Down Swept Douglas Fir Hinged Pre-Lit Dual-Color LED Christmas TreeCheck Price Vickerman Pre-Lit Camdon Fir Tree with 450 Warm White Italian LED Lights, 5.5-Feet, GreenCheck Price Vickerman Pre-Lit Slim Pine Tree with 400 Warm White Italian LED Lights, 6.5-Feet, Crystal WhiteCheck Price Vickerman Flocked Utica with 550 Warm White Light, 6.5-Feet by 59-InchCheck Price Vickerman Sparkle White Spruce Tree 400 LED Light, 6.5-Feet by 46-InchCheck Price