Madame Alexander Dolls for Christmas

Madame Alexander Christmas dollMadame Alexander Dolls: Great Gifts Today, Treasured Heirlooms Tomorrow

Why would I recommend a Christmas Madame Alexander doll?  Simply because over 40 years ago, my parents gave me a Madame Alexander doll.  She was one of my favorite Christmas gifts and I still cherish her today.

When I was a little girl, my Madame Alexander doll was a treasured gift that graced my bedroom.  Today, she graces my den.  She keeps me company when I work, rest or play and she is a constant reminder of my parents who sacrificed daily to give to their children.

Because I adore my Madame Alexander doll, I believe every girl should have at least one Madame Alexander doll in her lifetime and I have included a few that even the boys will love.  I know I could find a spot for one of these Christmas beauties, what about you?


Ribbon Candy Ballerina Madame Alexander Doll

 Alexander Dolls 8″ Ribbon Candy Ballerina (Holiday Collection)Check Price

This adorable curly haired ballerina has lovely green eyes that really stand out thanks to her green and white hair ribbon.

She is dressed in a ribbon striped red, green and white dress with a white tulle petticoat that is definitely reminiscent of ribbon candy, a traditional candy for many families.

She is wearing satin white ballet slippers to complete her costume.

This 8″ beauty is fully articulated.


Christmas Fun Madame Alexander Doll

 Christmas Fun Madame Alexander Doll and SnowmanCheck Price

This is such a sweet Christmas set!  This Madame Alexander beauty has lovely blonde hair.

She is dressed in a green coat trimmed in white “fur”, tassel adorned boots and a Santa style hat decorated with snowflakes.  You will note, the snowman also has a snowflake on his hat.

The adorable felt companion snowman is included in the set.

This 8″ doll is fully articulated.


Sing a Song of Sixpence Madame Alexander Doll

The little blond is dressed in her apron, ready to serve pie, which is totally appropriate for the holidays.

Look Closely!  Can you see the blackbirds?

 Sing a Song of SixpenceCheck Price


Maggie & Frosty the Snowman Madame Alexander Doll

 Madame Alexander Dolls, 8″ Maggie Loves Frosty the Snowman, Holiday CollectionCheck Price

The adorable redhead is back to play with the lovable Frosty the snowman fashioned in the image of the beloved TV Christmas classic!

She is appropriately dressed for outdoor fun in a red & yellow fleece outfit.

She also has polka dot boots, a scarf and hat to protect her from the elements.

The adorable plush “Frosty the Snowman” is included as part of this set.


Madame Alexander Christmas Snowflake Doll

 Madame Alexander Christmas Snowflake Fashion DollCheck Price

“Christmas Snowflake” is the perfect name for this gift set.

The lovely blonde Madame Alexander doll has returned with snow for the holiday.

She is dressed in a blue shimmery outfit with a sparkle tulle tutu and snowflake shaped attached wings.

This fairy princess doll also wears a crown of white satin with silver embroidery designs.

A snowflake shaped gift box is included.

She is 8″ tall.


Wendy Wishes You a Merry Christmas

 Madame Alexander Wendy Wishes You a Merry Christmas Fashion DollCheck Price

Isn’t she lovely!

This brown eyed, blonde beauty is bringing you a a special message for the holidays.

She carries Warm Wishes for a Merry Christmas!

She is appropriately dressed for the holidays in a beautifully trimmed satin red dress, black ribbon tie necklace, black shoes and carries a gift card.

She is 8″ tall.


Victorian Yuletide Madame Alexander Doll

 Madame Alexander 8Check Price

This beautiful green eyed doll is dressed for an old fashioned Victorian holiday!.

She is dressed in lovely holiday colors.  Her red dress and  gorgeous green coat make a stunning ensemble that would be perfect for Christmas parties, outings or simply holiday visitations.

The hat is the perfect finishing touch for this ensemble .

She is 8″ tall.

(This is the doll featured in the introduction photo)


Merry Little Christmas with Lenox Porcelain

 Madame Alexander 8″ Merry Little Christmas with Lenox Porcelain Wendy, Lenox Series, Holiday CollectionCheck Price

Her pretty blonde hair Is beautifully styled, and is adorned with a Christmas bow.

She is dressed in a lovely red jumper that is adorned with a applique candy cane that matches the Lenox Porcelain candy cane ornament she is holding.

The ornament is full sized, and can be used on a real Christmas tree.

She is 8″ tall and fully articulated.

The combination of Madame Alexander and Lenox makes an extraordinary gift for anyone, but especially collectors.


Steadfast Tin Soldier And Ballerina Madame Alexander Dolls

A Beautiful Christmas couple!

Fashioned after the beloved Nutcracker characters, the Steadfast Tin Soldier is wearing a traditional redcoat uniform.

The beautiful little ballerina is wearing a lovely light blue and white dance dress

Both dolls are fully articulated.

 Alexander Dolls 8″ Steadfast Tin Soldier And Ballerina (Holiday Collection) – Set Of 2Check Price


Christmas with Annalee Madame Alexander Doll

 Madame Alexander Dolls, 8″ Christmas with Annalee, Annalee Collection, Holiday CollectionCheck Price

Another great combination of two truly awesome collectibles!

~ Includes an Original Annalee Elf Doll ~

Our playful redhead is back!

She is dressed like an elf with a red jumper, green shirt, striped skirt, stripped tights and green pointed shoes.

She is 8″ and fully articulated.

They really do make a cute couple of friends!




Madame Alexander and the Christmas Classics



Nightmare Before Christmas Madame Alexander Doll

 Madame Alexander Maggie Visits Halloween Town From The Nightmare Before ChristmasCheck PriceNightmare Before Christmas is clearly a more recently released movie than the Peanuts gang movies or The Little Drummer Boy TV show, but I thought it should still be included.  It is, after all, a favorite holiday movie for many.

This playful Madame Alexander is based on the character from the mass hit movie.

Maggie is dressed for Halloweentown in a black and red dress accessorized with black & white striped tights.  Aren’t those bat wing sleeves on her dress awesome?!!

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are included.


Peanuts Christmas Madame Alexander Doll

 Madame Alexander Dolls, 8″ Peanuts Christmas Jack, Peanuts by Schultz Collection, Storyland CollectionCheck Price

The Jack Madame Alexander doll has blonde hair and comes with the classic “Charlie Brown” little Christmas tree that is decorated with only one ornament.

Plus, I have no doubt that we all love his Snoopy shirt and Woodstock jacket.

What a great way to show our love for both Madame Alexander dolls and the Peanuts gang.

Doll is 8″ tall.


Madame Alexander Cloth Doll Peanuts Collection

While most of the dolls featured here are not likely to be played with, these three dolls are part of the Madame Alexander cloth doll collection.  Each one is a 14″ huggable, lovable doll created for real daily tag-along play.

These dolls have embroidered face and yarn hair.  They provide safe play for almost any age.

 Madame Alexander 14Check Price Madame Alexander 14Check Price Madame Alexander 14Check Price


Sending You All Merry Christmas Greetings!

Any of these dolls would be a beautiful gift for that beloved grandchild, niece or collector friend whose gift must be shipped.  Why not order the one you know will have loved, and have it shipped directly to the recipient?  That certainly makes Christmas shipping a lot easier for all of us.

A Madame Alexander Christmas Doll would be a lovely gift to receive any time, in any way, even delivered in the mail.

 Madame Alexander 8Check Price



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