Christmas Outdoor Inflatable Santa and Sleigh Decoration

 Lighted Christmas Yard DecorA Christmas Outdoor Inflatable Santa in his sleigh is an awesome addition to Christmas yard decorations! Fast and easy to set up, either of these Christmas Inflatables are sure to add a touch of fun to our yards and they are certainly easily seen from the street. Decorating for Christmas has never been easier!

During the holidays, my family loves driving around, looking at the Christmas decorations. We even have favorite neighborhoods to visit because they always go all out and “deck their yards” with really awesome decorations. I always feel inspired to come home and add one more thing to my own outdoor decorations.

I will never forget the first time I ever saw a Christmas outdoor inflatable set up in a yard. I truly thought that was one of the most excellent decorations I had ever seen! Perhaps, mainly because I could actually see it really well from the street as we drove by.

Christmas Inflatable Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer

 6 ft Inflatable Santa, Sleigh & ReindeerCheck Price

Everybody loves Santa and his Reindeer. They simply bring a smile to every face as they greet family, friends and neighbors with a little wave. He even has a few gifts tucked behind his back

I know children will love seeing these adorable reindeer pulling Santa and his sleigh through the front yard.

Features of this Inflatable Santa in Sleigh Include:

  • Lights Up!
  • 6 ft. Long
  • Includes Fan, Stakes and Tethers


Christmas Inflatable Santa, Sleigh, Reindeer & Penguins

 6 Foot Long Christmas Inflatable Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer and Penguins Yard DecorationCheck Price

What fun to watch these little penguins help Santa load his sleigh with gifts!

They all look so happy! They simply make Christmas a little more joyous for all of us with their cheerful little faces.

Part of the magic of Christmas is the fantasy that animals join us as we celebrate the holidays and actually even take part in the festivities.

These little guys are the perfect “helpers” for Santa.

Features of this Inflatable Santa, Sleigh, Reindeer and Penguin Decoration Include:

  • Lights Up!
  • 6 ft. Long
  • Includes Fan, Stakes and Tethers


All of these featured inflatables are lit from within for nighttime appeal, but they are sure to be a hit during the day too.


Christmas Outdoor Inflatable Yard Decor

Either of these decorations would be fabulous and would be a very easy way to decorate your yard for Christmas. They are all durable and weather resistant.

Useless you plan to set your yard decorations right up against your house, you will need an extension cord to plug in your outdoor inflatables. Otherwise, everything needed is already included. They inflate so quickly, decorating will seem as magical as Christmas itself.

I have no doubt, everyone will love your Christmas yard decorations!

 8 Foot Long Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus on Sleigh with 3 ReindeerCheck Price


Wishing You a Very, Merry Christmas Filled with Christmas Time Treasures!