Lego Stocking Stuffers Under $15.00

Lego Stocking StuffersGreat Lego Gifts for Under $15.00

Kids love Legos!  Parents will love the prices of these Lego Sets perfect for stocking stuffers!

These adorable Christmas Lego Sets cost less than $20.00 each, most are actually under $15, and they all make excellent Christmas gifts.

Who wouldn’t want a Christmas Lego Train, Santa or Snowman?  Take a look at these totally awesome Lego Christmas sets that are priced to fit even a slim stocking budget.

Because sellers often change their prices as we approach the holidays, be sure to check the “other sellers” listed on these sets to get the best price.  On most of these listings, you will see a notice that looks like this just under the top item description. ”

Lego sets are for children of all ages.  The “recommended ages” noted in this article are simply there to let you know in advance which sets are suitable for young children, but they are definitely not limited to childhood years.


The Lego Emerald Express Train Set ~ The Perfect Lego Stocking Stuffer

Every Lego lover will want at least one Emerald Express Train Set in their stocking this Christmas.

The Lego train can make 3 different models, one at a time.  Of course, you would have to take apart one model to create the other, which is why I would recommend giving your Lego enthusiast at least 3 separate sets of this particular Lego set.


 LEGO Creator 31015 Emerald ExpressCheck Price

Lego Emerald Express Train Set


If you only have one set, you decide whether you want to make the engine, the rocket train, or the carriage.  A hard choice indeed, but I bet most of us would make the train engine first!

When completed, the train engine would measure over 2″ tall, 3″ long and 1″ wide.  The rocket train car would measure  1″ tall, 3″ long and 1″ wide.  The carriage would measure over 1″ tall, 2″ long and 1″ wide.

The set includes 56 pieces and is recommended for ages 6+.


Lego Snowman Set

 LEGO Holiday Snowman #40008Check Price

This is such a cute set with children building a snowman.   Your child will, no doubt, have as much fun building this winter set as the depicted children are having building their snowman.

Fast and easy assembly for 4 finished Lego figures!

The Lego Holiday snowman set includes the pieces and instructions to make the Christmas tree shown in the photo in addition to the boy, girl, and snowman with his scarf and hat.

This set has 64 pieces and is recommended for ages 6+.


Lego Snowman Only Set

 LEGO 40093 Christmas snowman holiday setCheck Price

If you only want a snowman Lego figure to add to an existing collection, there is also a Lego set just for you!  This is a really pretty Lego snowman.  I love the rounded edges of these Lego pieces.

The set has 140 pieces that include the carrot nose, black button pieces, a black hat with green trim, a scarf, and the broom for clearing snow.

This is a great way for all children to be able to build a snowman in the warmth of their own home, regardless of the weather outside!

I have visions forever in my mind of my own son’s Lego Snowman dancing around to the song “Frosty, the Snowman” sung by Gene Autry.

As you can see noted on the box, this set is recommended for ages 7+.


Lego Holiday Magnet

 LEGO Set #853353 Holiday Scene MagnetCheck Price

This is a truly fun Lego Holiday magnet featuring a Santa Claus minifigure with his gift bag, a Christmas tree, and a beautiful gift.

This is a fast and easy Lego set to build.  When you have finished putting it together, you can attach this Lego magnet to your refrigerator or any metal surface to serve as Christmas decor in your kitchen or office.

The set includes a holiday greeting sticker to add to the front if desired.  There are stickers included in several different languages.  This might even be a fun way to teach a child how to share season’s greetings in several languages.

This set is recommended for ages 3+.


Lego Christmas Reindeer Holiday Set

 Lego Christmas – Reindeer Holiday SetCheck Price

All children love the Christmas reindeer we see so often featured with Santa and his sleigh.

Kids everywhere give the reindeer credit for getting Santa to all of the homes all over the world on the same night each year.  Therefore, this Lego Reindeer Holiday set is sure to be a hit with any child.

This really cute Lego Reindeer set has 26 pieces to create the white reindeer in a festive red Santa hat.

The Reindeer set is recommended for ages 6+.


Lego Wreath Set is a Great Lego Stocking Stuffer

This awesome Lego Wreath may well end up being gifted right back to you!

Children love the praise they receive when they give a gift.  Because this is such an easy set to put together, many children will sit down, make this Lego wreath and give it to their mom, dad or grandparents that same day.

The Lego wreath would also make a really neat Christmas tree ornament that could be used year after year as that special handmade Christmas ornament from your child.  Let them sign their name and write the year it was made on the back with a permanent marker.  Decades later, it will still add cheer to your holiday.  If you decide to use this Lego set as an ornament, you may well wish to glue the pieces together.

This is another set you may want to order in multiples so your child would be able to gift a finished wreath to several family members.

This set has 50 pieces and is recommended for ages 3+.

 LEGO Creator Mini Figure Set #30028 Christmas Wreath BaggedCheck Price

More Lego Stocking Stuffers

Elves are a requirement for Christmas and these adorable Lego Elf sets are awesome stocking stuffers.   Each of the elves come bearing gifts for the holidays.

So often, we think of Lego sets as gifts for boys, but they are not just for boys.  The Lego Elf Girl would be perfect for a girls stocking who love Legos.

For the boys, there is also a boy Lego Elf.  Pair him with the Lego Girl Elf for the set.

Plus, we certainly do not want to forget the Christmas tree!  The LEGO Christmas Tree Holiday Set has 76 pieces is recommended for 6+ years.  I love all of the “lights” and the little gifts beneath this tree.

 Lego Mini-Figures – Series 11 – Holiday ElfCheck Price LEGO Holiday Elf 71034 SmallCheck Price LEGO Creator Christmas Tree Set #30009Check Price Booster Bricks Lego Christmas Elf Minifigure – with Lego Present MinifigCheck Price


Ultimate Sticker Collection

This book is a really awesome addition for the Christmas Stocking!

I realize this is not an actual building set like the others Lego products featured in this article, but I thought you might also wish to include this fabulous book of Lego stickers on your stocking stuffers gift list.

 Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Minifigure (Ultimate Sticker Collections)Check Price

There are more than 600 reusuable stickers in this paperback book filled with Lego minifigure stickers.  This book would be a hit with anyone who loves Legos and would provide hours of fun.  Plus, these great stickers would be perfect for a ton of different crafts or decorating everything with a Lego minifigure sticker.