Christmas Tree Ornaments: Endangered Species

Endangered Species Christmas OrnmentWhether you are an animal lover or an environmentalist, you will enjoy these endangered species Christmas tree ornaments.

Beautifully photographed, these animals are all in danger of us losing them from our world.  Now, you can share your own holiday world with them.


Endangered Animals Ornaments

These are just some of the ornaments in a series of animals on the endangered species list.  They are all threatened in the wild but with some effort on our part, we can protect their habitats from destruction and therefore protect them from being lost forever.  Just showing your support will help raise awareness of their plight.

Each shows you the beautiful photograph of the animal in their wild setting on one side, with the name of the species on the back.



Gifts For Animal Lovers

As an animal lover myself, I know the value of protecting every animal in the world.  I certainly want my own children and grandchildren to know and enjoy these beautiful animals.  And not from an historical reference only.

A gift of an endangered species Christmas tree ornament for an animal lover will be very well appreciated.  That I can assure you.  Putting together the whole series would make a wonderful gift idea. But one or two individual ornaments make great stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, or even Secret Santa gifts.


Ornament Displaying

You can pick from 7 different shapes and styles for endangered species ornaments.  No matter what style of Christmas tree ornament you like, you will certainly find a style that matches or compliments your own holiday decorations.

Remember, ornaments don’t always need to be just for the tree.  If you are a bit of a crafter, try hanging them within a picture frame to set on your wall.  Try hanging several below a small shelf where you might set animal figurines on the shelf above.  The ideas for displaying your beautiful endangered species ornaments can be as endless as your imagination.

Endangered Species Animal Ornament Christmas tree

See the Entire Endangered Species Animal Ornament Collection by Clicking This Photo!





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  1. Mandee says:

    These endangered animal ornaments are gorgeous! I can see a small tree in the family room decorated with an assortment of them as an homage to these wonderful creatures!

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