Christmas Tree Storage Bag on Wheels

Christmas tree storageWe all love Christmas, but when the holidays are over we are faced with the chore of putting all of the decorations away for the next 11 months.  Having a Christmas tree storage bag on wheels will certainly make that job a whole lot easier.  Plus, when you are ready to decorate next year, it will be waiting for you to pull back out, set up and decorate.  The tree itself will be cleaner, especially if you store your tree in your attic, garage or a storage building where dust tends to accumulate.

Here are a couple of recommended Christmas tree storage bags for your to consider.  Your final selection will depend mostly on where you actually keep your stored tree, but both of these bags are on wheels to make moving from room to room much easier.


The Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag

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Since most of us have limited storage space, the upright Christmas tree storage bag is probably the most popular choice.  It also has the added benefit of being able to store your tree in one piece, still on the tree stand, so you never have to break down the tree again.  It has wheels with lever locks that lock each wheel into place during storage and display.

To properly use this Christmas tree storage bag, you set your tree up the first year in the tree stand included with the bag.  The base will adjust to any size of center pole diameter to hold your tree firmly in place.  The bag itself folds around the stand like a tree skirt.  Of course, the bag is not really pretty, so you will want a decorative tree skirt to lay over the flatten storage bag.   The downside to this kind of bag is that it is a bit bulky around the stand, but it is worth it when you are ready to put away your tree for the year.

To store your tree, simply pull the bag up the tree, zip it closed and roll it to it’s storage place.

Each following year, you need only to slowly and carefully pull the bag down to decorate your tree.  Oh, do be sure to lock those wheels into place!   This bag saves you a ton of time each year since the tree remains constructed from year to year.

This is the same bag shown above opened and down around the tree stand.   It will cinch up a little neater around the bottom, but I did want you to see how it looks pulled down.

 TreeKeeper Pro Upright Tree Storage Bag with Stand, fits 7.5 to 9-Foot TreesCheck Price

The tree bag will hold a Christmas tree that is 7 to 9 feet tall.   If you are storing a 9′ tree, you will probably want to cover the top opening with a heavy duty garbage bag just to completely cover the top opening.


The Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag on Wheels

Christmas tree storage bag
This is a close up photo of the end of the duffle bag with the wheels. You can also see the side handle.

If you need to be able to lay your tree down for storage, this duffle bag on wheels would make a great choice.  This particular storage bag is most like the original shipping box of an artificial tree.  However, it has two wheels on one which makes it a lot easier to move than a big cardboard box.

The duffel bag will easily hold a 6′ tree and should hold up to a 9 foot Christmas tree.  It is made of a durable, pretty fabric that is attractive enough to leave in a spare bedroom.  As you can see in the photo, there are handles on either end and strong strap handles in the center.  Those handles are most definitely an improvement over the shipping box.

What you cannot see in the photo is the interior slip pocket for your tree stand, or perhaps your tree skirt.

This Christmas tree duffle bag is designed to lay down as shown.  It does not have an interior frame for standing and will not stand on end.  Trying to force the bag to lean or stand on end will damage your Christmas tree storage duffle bag.

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Save Your Back!

When it comes to Christmas decorating, anything that helps save your back is worth the investment!


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