Decorative Christmas Night Lights for Children

Christmas Night LightsMost children hate the dark!  Placing Christmas night lights in their bedrooms or bathrooms has a double benefit.  It adds just enough light to the room to vanquish the darkness without disturbing needed rest.  A night light also add a touch of beautiful Christmas decor to the room.

I personally very much remember my childhood days and waking in the dark, being frightened to move, and feeling like my heart was going to pound out of my chest.  If I needed to use the restroom, it took me a very long time to decide it was safe to leave the covers of my bed and move down the hall to the restroom.  Having a small nightlight in my bedroom would have set my mind at ease so I could go back to sleep quickly.  We all know getting a good nights sleep can make a world of difference throughout the next day.


Rudolph Night Light

 Rudolph Nitelight 4.5Check Price

Rudolph has been a Christmas icon my entire life thanks to the book, the children’s song and the classic tv movie.  Since his nose is bright enough to guide Santa’s sleigh, why not have him provide the light to provide the way for a child in the middle of the night.

This is such an adorable night light with Rudolph and Hermey the dentist chatting with each other over the campfire.  I love that it even includes the spotted elephant from the Island of Misfit toys.  He always made me want an elephant with spots.

This particular night light comes with a flickering light bulb.   While it is certainly appropriate for the fire flame and truthfully adds a very nice touch to the realistic appeal, a flickering light-bulb may not be the best bulb selection if you plan to place the night light in a child’s room.   Simply replace the light bulb with a non-flickering night-light bulb if that is an issue.


Peanuts Snoopy Night Light

 Peanuts 4-1/4-Inch Snoopy and Woodstock at Campfire NightlightCheck Price

Snoopy is another beloved book and tv animated character.  Actually, so is Woodstock.  With this nightlight you get both!

Like the Rudolph and Hermie night light above, Snoopy and Woodstock warm themselves by a campfire as they warm our hearts.  They are simply adorable in their Santa hats.  Just seeing them alone will bring a smile to our lips, but knowing the nightlight serves a practical purpose adds to the glow of happiness.

This Christmas night light would be adorable anywhere in your home.  Place this bit of Christmas decor in your child’s bedroom, the bathroom or even the kitchen to delight your kids.  It will, no doubt, make you feel like a kid again too.


Santa Night Light

For many children, Christmas would not be Christmas without Santa Claus.   This is a very pretty Santa night light with Santa himself decorating a Christmas tree.

 6 Inch Santa Clause Night LightCheck Price


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Christmas night lights make great gifts too!

Holiday Nightlights for Children