Travel Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Travel Themed Christmas TreeI love to travel and have done it extensively in the USA but dream of visiting other places one day. To quench my wanderlust at Christmastime, I set up a small Christmas tree and decorate it in ornaments from cities and place I’ve been and would like to go one day.

Cities & States in the USA

I have lived in 8 states and one US Territory, Guam. I love to have ornaments on the tree that represent those cities and states. They all bring back great memories of my growing up years.

My father was in the US Navy and I have 3 siblings. Not surprisingly, each of the 4 of us were born in different states — depending on where dad was stationed at the time. Indiana, Florida, California and Illinois cities are on my tree for sure!

You can decorate a small tree with ornaments from your past hometowns too!

Dream Destinations are Fun Too!

Like I said, I haven’t traveled as much outside the USA (Canada, Mexico and Guam) so I like to add a few destinations I dream of traveling to one day. London, Paris and Rome are at the top of my list so I have included ornaments on my “Travel Tree” that reflects these international cities as well.

Each one is carefully chosen based on the details and beauty of the ornament. I am partial to Kurt Adler’s glass ornaments but do like some other styles of ornaments too.

Sometimes, I’ll get an ornament shaped like or with a photo of a landmark from a famous city. These are really nice for variety in shape and size on my small tree.

Which international city do you dream of visiting?

There are ornaments celebrating most large cities and countries in the world. Boston, Kansas City, L.A., Vegas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta and more for the US. Internationally, you can find ornaments that represent Italy, Greece, Spain and the like.

If you prefer landmarks of places you have been or want to go, there are also lots of those available. Stonehenge, Molin Rogue, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, the Coliseum, the Parthenon and more.

General Travel Ornaments

There are also plenty of smaller ornaments you can use to finish off your small tree (or big tree if you choose.) Airplanes, trains, buses, and cars are no-brainer style ornaments that fit well on a Christmas tree dedicated to travel.

Additionally, you can add more ornaments.  Think of the types of things you take with you when you travel:

  • Suitcases/Luggage
  • Cameras
  • Highway signs and Road signs (think Route 66)
  • Backpack
  • Travel Poster Ornaments
  • and more!

Travel is a great subject for an additional, small tree this holiday season.

Enjoy Your Small Tree

If you like travel, it makes sense to have an additional small Christmas tree that highlights your love of travel. I set mine up in the family room and then, while I am reading, gaze over at all the cities, countries and landmarks that grace it. It always makes me smile.

Will you have a special small tree this year dedicated to something you love?

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  1. These are beautiful Christmas tree ornaments! We also love to travel and I very much enjoy having an ornament from each destination. I have been to all of the places represented by the ornaments above, except Hollywood.

    I absolutely love the idea of a dedicated travel tree! My travel ornaments are all just mixed in with the other ornaments on the main family tree, but what a really cool idea!

  2. Fay says:

    Just what I was looking for … forgot about these kinds of ornaments.

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