Decorating with Small Christmas Trees

small Christmas treeIt’s no secret. I love Christmas. My husband calls me Mrs. Claus all season long. Part of the reason? I put small alpine Christmas trees in almost every room of the house. It’s part of my decorating regime and a part I have come to love!

Why More Than One Tree

Yes, we have the main Christmas tree in the living room. It’s the one we place our packages under and gather ’round Christmas morning. But, one just wasn’t enough for me.

I like to change Christmas themes and colors every couple of seasons. This can get pretty expensive when you are buying ornaments, lights, garland and all the stuff you need to decorate a six foot or taller Christmas tree.

I finally realized I could decorate and place small Christmas trees in other rooms of the house and satisfy my need for change, themes and upgrading a lot cheaper.

Small Alpine Trees

Again, my favorite are the Alpine style trees. They are tall and thin and perfect for setting up all around the house.

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Small Christmas Trees are Affordable Decor

It’s a job to put up the main Christmas tree in the house. I have to allow a whole afternoon! However, with the small trees, I can do as many as I want in a couple of hours. I like the look of the Alpine Christmas trees for several reasons.

  • Because they are skinny (tall instead of wide) they will fit in places that a bell shaped tree won’t.
  • I use 2 ft to 4th trees depending on the room and the theme I am using.
  • I buy the unlit trees so I can change up the style of lights if I want.  It only takes one strand of 25 to 50 lights, depending on the tree height.
  • I spend a lot less on ornaments because the small trees don’t need as many.
  • I also like to make ornaments and decorations for the small trees since you don’t need much.
  • I forgo traditional garland and tinsel on the small trees. It’s really too much. I have used ribbon, twine, beads and other smaller strings of items instead.

Christmas Trees as Decor

Small Christmas trees make great decor when getting your home ready for the holidays. We have a 2 ft. Alpine in the bathroom that serves as a night light during the holidays. It sports a cute set of snowman Christmas lights.

There is one in the kitchen loaded up with fat chef theme items that continues the kitchen theme. The dining room table also has it’s own tree in the center filled with small, handmade ornaments the kids have made over the years.

The guest room has a tree too! I want my holiday guests to feel festive! That one changes every year but has been decorated with husband’s college Alma mater, his favorite NFL team, with Coca-Cola items and with craft items celebrating my love of crafting.

Don’t forget the family room, bedrooms, study, and any other room you have in the house! They can all become festive in a heart beat by adding small Christmas trees.

Have fun!