Pre-Lit Potted Christmas Trees at Your Front Door many years now, I have enjoyed decorating our front door entrance with pre-lit potted Christmas trees. They add such a touch of elegance, yet they are also very inviting to guests and family at Christmas.

Trees are a beautiful addition to your entry anytime. If you have a covered patio or covered front entrance, you could leave the potted trees out year round for decoration and only light them for Christmas.

Olympia Pine Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

 4′ Potted Slim Olympia Pine Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear LightsCheck Price

This Olympia Pine Christmas Tree is such a beautiful shape if you have sufficient room at the side of your door to accommodate it.

At 4′ tall, it is fairly easy for almost any adult to lift, move and set in place.

It has 150 clear mini lights and the urn is also included. You will need access to an electrical outlet to plug in this beauty, which might require an Outdoor Extension Cord depending on the location of your outlet.


Pre-lit Cashmere Tree

 Greenfields Christmas Tree Man Bowo999321ac5 Potted Prelit Cashmere Tree 3 Ft.Check Price

For a smaller porch or entry area, this Cashmere tree would be perfect!

It is 3′ tall, 15″ in diameter and is pre-lit with 35 clear lights. This is the most economical choice that I would feel comfortable recommending.

It also comes with the urn, but due to the lightweight and smaller size, you may need to add rocks in the base to weigh it down. I use Smooth River Rocks in the base of my pots. I don’t even bother taking them out of the bag, which allows easier rock removal when putting away the holiday decorations.

Once that is done, all you will need to do is set is out, plug it in and admire the instant holiday beauty it will add to your homes entrance.


Triple Ball Potted Topiary Pre-lit Christmas Tree

 5′ Pre-Lit Green Tinsel Triple Ball Potted Topiary Tree – Green LightsCheck Price

The pre-lit Topiary Christmas Tree is another great option and is a lovely break from the traditional Christmas tree.

With it’s slender appearance, even at 5′ tall, it doesn’t overpower the entrance area or front porch of a home.

The topiary comes with 105 bright, durable green mini-lights and the resin base. Like the Cashmere tree featured above, this pre-lit Topiary Christmas tree will most likely require rocks to weight it down just so it will not blow over. Of course, that depends on your weather region. We tend to have scattered storms with moderate winds during the month of December.


Supply List Review ~ You May Also Need These Items

Not everyone will need the rocks for weight, the extension cord or even the timer, but there is nothing more frustrating than not having everything you need to get the job done once you start decorating. I don’t know how many times over the years either my husband or I have had to stop the process of decorating to run to the store to get something we didn’t have on hand when we began setting out our Christmas decorations.

 Panacea 70005 River Rock, Mix Color, 2 PoundsCheck Price Coleman Cable 02356-05 40-Feet 16/3 Vinyl Landscape Outdoor Extension Cord, GreenCheck Price Woods 2001 Outdoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer with Light SensorCheck Price


Join Us for the Holidays and Add the Beauty of Pre-lit Potted Christmas Trees to Your Front Door Entrance

Potted Christmas Trees Front Door Entrance




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