Decorative Christmas Night Lights

Christmas Night LightsI truly love adding touches of Christmas in every room of our home.  Plugging in a Christmas night light is really a fast and easy way to add a bit of Christmas decor in any room, including the bathroom!

Night lights also serve a practical purpose, especially at Christmas when furniture and everyday decor have been moved or changed around just for the holidays.  A little light can keep us from stubbing our toes on a chair leg or running into the unlit Christmas tree.  Don’t laugh!  I have done that very thing before when I got up in the middle of the night to let the dogs out.  I totally forgot there was a tree just inside the doorway of our den.


Christmas Tree Night Light

 Roman Christmas Tree Night LightCheck Price

Speaking of the Christmas tree, this night light is a great way to add a decorated Christmas tree to any room.  I also want to point out that adorable teddy bear at the base of the tree.  I love teddy bears!  As a matter of fact, a teddy bear was the determining factor in my selection of Christmas china.

Not only is it a beautiful holiday decoration, it also covers an electrical outlet.  Sometimes, they are placed in the worst possible place if you don’t want to see them constantly, especially in a kitchen or bathroom.  Of course, I do understand why.  What is practical, is not always the most attractive when decorating.


Bubble Light Christmas Night Light

 Roman 33684 – 6.5Check Price

This is definitely a Christmas night light that is meant to be seen!  In fact, not just seen, but watched.

The bubble light actually bubbles after it warms up, just like the old fashioned bubble lights on the Christmas tree.  Of course, the red and green color of the base is perfect for Christmas too.

This night light is 7″ tall and would great just about anywhere.  Everyone will love the bubble light night light.  As a matter of fact, this is one you will have to watch carefully when the guest leave.  It just might disappear with them.

One awesome feature of this night light is the on/off switch.  It wouldn’t have to be unplugged to shut off the light.



Angel Night Lights

 COOWIND Stained Glass Angel Night Light Decorative Accent Lite Wall Plug in NightlightCheck Price

Angels aren’t just for the tree tops, they come in all shapes and sizes for Christmas decor, including a beautiful night light.

This angel will truly light your way in the dark.

The little angel night light is also lovely during the day due to her stained glass design.  She is approximately 5″ tall and also features an on/off switch.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that doesn’t cost a lot, but makes a lasting impression, this angel night light would be perfect.  Plus, the recipient will think of you every time they admire her beauty.


More Christmas Night Lights

There are several Christmas night lights that are simply fun!

If “A Christmas Story” is among your favorite Christmas movies, then you are going to love the leg lamp night light!  It is a long time favorite in our home and I know for a fact all “A Christmas Story” fans are going to want this night light.  They may even want one in every room of the house.

For the romantic, there is a sweet snowman couple sharing a campfire that will light of any room in your home with love.

There is also a night light available with 2 elves sharing a campfire for those of us who love the Elf on the Shelf series or the Annalee Elf.


 Neca 40054 A Christmas Story Nightlight Leg LampCheck Price Roman Rudolph and Elf Friend 4.5 Inch Polyresin Swivel Plug Flickering Night LightCheck Price Roman Snowmen Couple By Campfire 8 Inch Acrylic Swivel Plug-in Bubble Night LightCheck Price