Kids Personalized Sports Christmas Ornaments

Kids-Personalized-ChristmasFor children who are into sports, a personalized Christmas ornament just for their chosen sport is an ideal gift. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, even gymnastics, kids will love having their own ornament. Easy to customize and fun to give.

Just for Soccer Christmas Ornaments

These cute ornaments for kids who enjoy soccer are perfect ways to remember those times in a child’s life. Personalize one with your child’s name and the year, if you like. You can even add other details, like the team name or school.

Baseball, Basketball and Football Personalized Ornaments

It doesn’t matter what sport your child loves, there is an ornament to celebrate their triumphs, fun and love of the sport. Every ornament is available in multiple shapes and sizes, including a star shape. Perfect for your little sports star.

Specialized Ornaments for Every Sport Including Gymnastics

Commemorate your child’s love of her sport with a special ornament just for her chosen sport. She may love tennis, hockey or gymnastics. This one is a favorite gymnastics Christmas ornament.

When my granddaughter did well in gymnastics, I chose this one to give her. I added her name and the year. Even though she has now moved on to volleyball as her favorite sport, she still insists that her gymnastics ornament hangs in her room. Now that is a tribute to how much these sports ornaments are loved by kids.

Create One Just for Your Child

All of these personalized ornaments are available through This company makes it easy to customize and personalize any design you choose, but you can also create your own. An favorite photo of your child in action, or a team photo, can easily be uploaded. Then add in your own details, child’s name, year, team name, whatever you like. Change the font, color and size to suit the look you want. What you see online is what you will get in your kid’s custom sports Christmas ornament. Simple, easy and just for your own sports lover.

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