Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes and Containers

ornament storage boxChristmas tree ornaments are very precious to all of us.  Year after year, we painstakingly put them on the tree one by one.  Many of us even have a certain place reserved on the tree for certain ornaments.  After Christmas is over, we try to carefully store them to ensure they will be around for decades to come.

Some ornaments are quite fragile, others are valuable and others are treasured heirlooms.  Finding ornament storage that will protect our ornaments isn’t always easy.  Placing one on top of the other is a box or plastic tub will most often lead to accidents and damage.  I always hate opening a box of ornaments and finding a precious keepsake damaged or broken because of the way it were put away the previous year.

Therefore, I highly recommend protective storage boxes for Christmas ornaments, especially for the ornaments we most cherish.


The Recommended Ornament Storage Box – Plastic

If you are going store your ornaments in an attic or garage, you will want to use the plastic storage containers.   They will prevent any unwanted guests from finding a new home or bed among your keepsakes.

These holiday plastic boxes are clear which makes it easy to view the contents inside.  They come with cardboard dividers to separate the glass ornaments and prevent them from knocking against each other when you are carrying or moving the storage box.   This box will hold 75 ornaments if you place one ornament per section.

The attached wing lid snaps shut and flat so you can stack several together one on top of the other to conserve attic or floor space.

If you need more than one holiday decor storage box, you might want consider purchasing these boxes in a set.   The set comes with one box with dividers, one box without dividers, and a small box for ornaments hangers, light bulbs or other small items.  The box without the dividers would be perfect for nonbreakable ornaments, garland, the tree topper, the tree skirt or a variety of other holiday decorations.

 IRIS USA Ornament Storage Box with Attached Lid, Stores 75 Ornaments per BinCheck Price



Ornament Storage Container with Handles

 Real Simple 3-Tray Holiday Ornament StorageCheck Price

If your main concern is having a really pretty container with handles, you will most likely prefer this ornament storage bag.  This fabric bag holds 3 trays that stack one on top of the other inside the bag for storage.   Having separate trays makes it really easy when you have several people helping to decorate the tree.

Combined, the trays will hold 72 ornaments.

In addition to the ornament trays, there is a large pocket on the bag for storing your tree skirt.

Keep in mind that this container is a fabric container so you may not want to store in the attic.   I also would not recommend stacking multiple bags or anything on top of this container.

 hatisan Large Christmas Ornament storage with Side Open, Drawer Style Trays Ornament Storage Box – 3Check Price


Under the Bed Ornament Storage Containers

Whether we have an attic, garage or storage room, many of us have ornaments that are so precious, so dear to us that we want to keep them under the bed or on a shelf in the closet.

 Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box with Dividers, Red/Green LargeCheck Price Ornament Case (20-Ornaments) Snap Latch LidCheck Price



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