Retro Christmas Glass Cutting Boards

Vintage Reindeer Cutting BoardSome of the prettiest glass cutting boards feature vintage images.  Perhaps that is because it brings back memories of our childhood.  Or, maybe it is simply because they are normally so colorful.  Regardless of the reason, we love the retro images on cutting boards in our kitchens during the holidays.

The vintage decorated reindeer is one of my favorites!  I love the blue background which is perfect for the colorful decorations hanging from the sweet reindeer’s antlers.

Because the cutting boards I am featuring in this article are sold on Zazzle, be sure you check their coupon section before you complete your order.


Vintage Reindeer Glass Cutting Board

 Retro Vintage Christmas reindeer cutting boardCheck Zazzle Price

Christmas Kitten Cutting Board

 Retro Vintage Christmas cat Holiday cutting boardCheck PriceHere is one that was created for the kitty lover on your gift list!

I guess we all have cat lovers on our Christmas shopping gift list.  I have several in my own family.

This precious kitty would be an adorable surprise gift for your friends and family who love kitties.  Many cat owners opt to not set up a Christmas tree in their homes simply because the temptation is just too great for their feline companions.

With is pretty cutting board, anyone can have Christmas decor and their cats in the same room without worrying about damage.


Merry Christmas Glass Cutting Board

 Merry Christmas 74 Glass Cutting BoardsCheck PriceThere are lots of designs on glass cutting boards available on Zazzle.  Some of the simplest are the prettiest and they make lovely gifts.  Some can even be personalized.

The glass cutting boards on Zazzle are made of hand-pressed tempered glass.   They are wonderful for cutting and dicing food.  However, they are not microwave or oven safe and they should never be placed on the stove top.

Not only are they serviceable, but the glass cutting boards are beautiful on our kitchen counters.  They are a very pretty Christmas decoration for the kitchen and a wonderful gift for the cook.

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