Give a Christmas Tree Gift

Chrstmas treeThe Unusual Gift of a Christmas Tree

Looking for an unusual gift to give for Christmas this year?

Do you want one that will last a long time?

Maybe even something with a dual purpose?

Well, I have the perfect recommendation!

A Christmas Tree!


Trees Make Great Gifts

As you can see by my personal stories below, I don’t believe the gift of a tree for Christmas has to be limited to a Pine tree.  Any tree the recipient adores will make a great Christmas gift.  Over the years, I have personally been gifted with several trees.  Each is beautiful and each is a reminder of the perfect Christmas gift.

Plus, most trees will provide a wonderful foundation for Christmas lights when decorating outside.  Therefore, you will indeed be giving a Christmas tree!

You can even purchase and ship a tree to family and friends for Christmas.

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Why A Tree for Christmas

Alexander Magnolia treeIt is amazing how much pleasure a tree can give to anyone.  A tree can provide a peaceful, tranquil setting and give you a real sense of home.

It can provide beauty, a shade, a flower, a place to hide, a home for birds, the air we breathe and sometimes wonderful, life long memories.

This is my baby Alexander Magnolia tree the first year it was planted.  It is over 15 years old now and much bigger than the baby in the photo, but it provides my garden with beautiful blooms every year and fills me with great joy.


Frozen Ground in December?
You Can Still Give the Gift of a Christmas Tree

As I am writing this, I understand that not everyone can plant a tree in December.  If your area is not conducive to winter planting, then I have a recommendation for you too.

Why not give a nursery gift certificate?  When the ground has thawed, then pick out your tree and have your own memorable planting day.


Growing up with Christmas Trees

A Personal Story
Undecorated treeWhen I was little, my parents would purchase a living pine tree to decorate as our indoor Christmas tree.  We would decorate it, water it and when Christmas was over, my Dad would take it outside and plant it.

Those pine trees grew up right along with me and my siblings.  Well, I suppose they actually outgrew us.  I remember my father would string Christmas lights on the one in the front yard each year, so it continued to serve as a decorated Christmas tree for many years.  There was a virtual pine tree forest in our back yard which we played around and collected the pine cones.  I vaguely remember decorating the pine cones with glitter and glue.

It was a bit sad when aluminum trees replaced the living trees.  My mom used both for many years, but eventually the aluminum tree won out.  Maybe it was just because we ran out of back yard.


A Truly Delightful Day
Trees are Great Gifts!

Personal Story about Our Tree Selections
Yoshina Cherry treeAlmost every year we plant a tree.  I have a Alexander Magnolia which our son picked out and a Jane Magnolia which our daughter chose years ago.  Every year when they bloom in spring, I take my children’s pictures with their respective tree.

We have a Sugar Maple tree and a Red Maple tree that my husband selected as well as a Red Bud tree that he wanted.  I think the Sugar Maple is a family favorite.

I picked the Flowering Pear trees, the Sweet Bay Magnolia and of course, my Dogwood tree.

There is no real selection process.  It is not like we take turns or anything, it just seems that someone has a preference each year.  I honestly don’t ever remember having a problem with selection of the tree.  The biggest challenge now is finding a spot for our new addition.

Last year my son asked for a Yoshino Cherry tree.  I could not have been more delighted since I knew it would get to be planted in our back yard and I really do enjoy the flowering trees.

The day we brought home the Yoshino Cherry tree was a delightful day.  What made it so special was watching my son, my father and my husband all huddled around digging a hole for the tree.  That was especially entertaining to watch and I took pictures.  My mother gave us all helpful advice from the sidelines.  When the little tree bloomed this past spring, it was absolutely breathtaking and I have a wonderful memory of our planting day.

This year, I’m thinking Pecan……..